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Oct 15 - Not hard to see these Monsters in the shadow caught by Taylor Ainsley's happy fellas

Oct 14 - Didn't take home any prize money but Scott Beane and friends captured several Citations and took home a Sailfish flag and plenty of good food :))

Oct 14 - Wahoo Winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd , Carterican Capt Lee in the Middle, Looking Back Capt Parker on right, and Maggie Capt Randy on left

Oct 13 - The ocean was as sporty as you would ever want it today ...., Chan, Todd, Dave and Mills really earned this catch !!!

Oct 12 - Bill Kennon has some Great Friends ..., recognize any of them ? ...., along with a 70 pounder :))

Oct 9 - A proud 14 year old Lilian Bigsby with her exceptional catch and a proud Pop behind her :))

Oct 8 - 10 year old Cole Bell with his first Wahoo catch

Oct 6 - Just take a look at the shirt that this really Smart NC State fan had on at Thursday night's game :}}

Oct 8 - Christian Bigsby and Mate Patrick with a Trophy 60 pound Wahoo

Oct 7 - Chris Cooke and his excepional team with Lunker Wahoo including a 50 and 47 pounder

Oct 6 - David Allen Company came down from the Raleigh area and look what they took back up Hwy 70 :)))

Oct 5 - Steve Brinkley and the NT Safety crew after an exceptional day




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