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May 15 - Jim Goodwin had a GREAT DAY on the Sensation ...., his first Blue Marlin :)))

May 14 - Eight year old Hunter Dement with his first offshore catch ..., A Gaffer Dolphin ..., Happy Birthday Hunter :))

May 12 - Morgan Lumber Company's fellas filled up the dock yesterday !!!

May 11 - David McIntyre, Beech Phillips and Good Friends with just enough for Supper :)))

May 10 - Jim Hoddy and his Navy Pals with their second day's catch :))

May 9 - Jim Hoddy and his Navy Buddies with a great catch and Jim's first Sailfish at age 78

May 7 - Allen, Angela, David and Brandon with Angela's really nice Gaffer after a rainy and windy fishing day

May 5 - Cinco de Maya was good to Scooter and his Pals from South Carolina today :))

May 4 - A Group of my flying buddies who took to the ocean instead of the air today

May 3 - They were biting a little bit for Mark Brooks and his buddies ..., Great Fishing !!

May 2 - Sensation's Mike Rowe and Pals with a Combination Seafood Platter :))

April 30 - Gonna be some good eats heading back to Raleigh today !!




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