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May 27 - Look what Mate Patrick caught on his birthday yesterday :)....., and the first Swordfish ever Caught on the Sensation

May 27 - Mate Patrick along with Pals Scott Beane, David Edwards, Jordan Atkins, Scott Andrews, Ric Williams, Chris Kline with a historic catch on the Sensation

May 27 - Congratulations Jordan !!! ...., Jordan Atkins with a Historic Catch ..., the first Swordfish ever angled by a Lady off the coast of North Carolina

May 23 - The second annual Holt Oil - Dansani Classic. The weather brought us home too early but the boys are tough

May 22 - Now Beech Phillips and his boys know how to have a good time even with a slow bite !!

May 20 - Chuck Umstead's Blue Marlin on the wire

May 18 - Jason Thornton, crew and Mate Patrick with a Beautiful Blue Marlin on the wire

Mahis a plenty with a couple of blue marlin as well

May 11 - Fun day too with Jay Klosterman and crew !!!

May 9 - Fun day with Jay Klosterman and friends

May 8 - They had a Ball ...., Firefighter Preston Wrenn and all of his UNCC Buddies after a cooler emptying day :)

May 6 - The Kentucky Derby comes to the Sensation on Saturday night with Desi Haslam and her pal




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