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Nov 26 - Pals Capt Mark Chambers and Capt Jacky Dufour on the Due South with a Dandy yesterday !!

Nov 26 - Lee McLamb aboard his Magic Moment had a great catch yesterday with Chuck Boswick and Patrick Dufour in the cockpit

Oct 30 - Dick Hensel calls his Pals the "Ancient Mariners" ...., Great friends since college at UNC :))

Oct 28 - My sweet Sissy Anne with Bestie Debbie Gordon and Great friend Julie Adams ..., each girl released a Sailfish ;))

Due South Captain Mark Chambers organized the first annual Captain and Mates BBQ ..., Thanks Mark !!!

Oct 21 - We didn't get to the Gulf Stream however Steve Roach had a good day with his boys inshore yesterday :))

Oct 19 - Yep this is what a 90.5 pound Wahoo looks like. Congratulations to Kyle McDowell for his outstanding catch and the entire team for 1st place in the Wahoo Challenge !!

Oct 18 - We didn't catch any Wahoo but Jimmy Edwards and his boys had plenty to take home for Supper :))

Oct 12 - Captain Patrick put Christian Bigsby and his fellas on the Wahoo including a 60 and 75 pounder

Oct 2 - My Pal Captain Brian Harrington of the Extreme Measures hung this Dandy up on Wednesday night

Sept 30 - We certainly didn't crush them but Todd Stevens and his High School classmates never stopped laughing all day long :))

Sept 29 - Captain/Mate Patrick Dufour doing part of what he does best ......, Outstanding Fishrerman !!



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