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July 11 - Keith Tasoada caught his first ever Swordfish aboard the Sensation yesterday ..., perfect size and great battle :))

July 1 - Wayne Masetti and friends have plenty to get them thru the Winter and 3 Sailfish to boot !!

June 30 - Will Basham and Brad Moree proudly display the first ever Sailfish catches. Matt Davis has some Great Friends :))

June 29 - Goodness Gracious look at all the fish that Donald Harness and friends caught with Capt Patrick and Jackson Weeks in the pit

June 29 - My pal Captain Brian Harrington took his Bride Swordfishing and this is one of a pair that they caught :)))

June 17 - Martin Turley released a Sailfish along with Dee Blake catching a Citation size Wahoo. His crew stayed busy most all day with Mahi-mahi and Tuna

June 16 - LH Hutchins, son Brad and great friends with a really special catch of Swordfish and they released another !!

June 7 - Army Lieutenant John Burton with his Mahi who is deploying to Aftghanistan next week along with brother Doug and great friends Max, Joe, Connor and Parker.

June 8 - Mate Ben Faulkners wife Chrissy angled this Monster aboard the Job Site in the KWLA yesterday. Kathy Baker also angled a Dandy aboard the Sensation

June 5 - Donna Wilson made sure that young Joe and Alex had a great day fishing inshore. They stayed busy all morning long :))



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