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Jan 17 - On the way to Jarrett Bay for annual maintenance ...., won't be long till we'll be looking back there for Blue Marlin and Wahoo :))

Jan 8 - Sensation's Mate Patrick along with brother Jacky with a couple of Wintertime Grouper ...., let's go !!!

Dec 17 - Pal Chuck Umstead after an offshore Christmas trip with his friends on his boat

Dec 17 - Dancin Outlaw with McSherry, Captain Thomas, David, Frank, and Michael with a couple of Swordfish Dandies :))

Dec 3 - Bluefin Tuna #2 for Patrick ...., a 500 Pounder !!!

Dec 5 - Need a Christmas present .., heavy Sensation hoodies only $40.00 ....., Make someone you Love Happy :)))

Dec 1 - A 700 pounder Bluefin Tuna for Mate Patrick caught on his outboard with only one angler aboard :))

Nov 29 - Michael Tickle of the Dancin Outlaw after a three hour battle on the Dancin Outlaw yesterday with this Sea Monster .., a Whopper Swordfish !!

Nov 28 - We piled them up yesterday ...., Tommy Glasgow, Tom Trevekian, Randy Gregory, Hank Utaff and pal Mike after a Winter fill your freezer offshore day :))

Nov 25 - Chuck Umstead and his favorite Crew with a Thanksgiving Feast of Triggers, Tuna, and Mahi :))



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