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June 7 - Army Lieutenant John Burton with his Mahi who is deploying to Aftghanistan next week along with brother Doug and great friends Max, Joe, Connor and Parker.

June 8 - Mate Ben Faulkners wife Chrissy angled this Monster aboard the Job Site in the KWLA yesterday. Kathy Baker also angled a Dandy aboard the Sensation

June 5 - Donna Wilson made sure that young Joe and Alex had a great day fishing inshore. They stayed busy all morning long :))

June 1 - Kevin and the crew from Morgan Lumber in Virginia had a variety catch on Saturday. The best eating in the World !!!

June 3 - Jimmy Edwards with employees and his grandsons. Look at the smile on 16 year old Ben Edwards with his Blue Marlin flag :))

June 3 - Grandpa Jimmy Edwards brought grandsons Nathan Canaday and Ben Edwards aboard the Sensation and looky what Ben caught with Patrick on the wire !!

June 2 - This one put a golf size blister on Angler Bryan Pendergraft's reeling hand after an hour plus battle :))

May 30 - Pop's caught his first Sailfish while Tommy, Lucas, Sharon and Brian had bent poles most of the day .., Thank you again Best/Beacon !!!

May 28 - Michael Bailey of Ferguson along with his good customers with plenty of Gaffers ...., a Great Day !!!

May 25 - A crew of the nicest young men ever to fish on the Sensation led by Blake Nichols

May 23 - Will and Katherine Reeves with Pop and great Wisconson friends ..., Good Stuff !!

May 23 - Katherine Reeves with her Citation sized Gaffer. Big Battle !!!



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