Fishing Report


On Friday I had the pleasure of taking Jerome Frazier and his Goldsboro pals offshore with Mate Zach Frazier for my last charter fishing day aboard the Sensation ....., although the trolling bite was really slow, we made up for it catching Triggerfish, Sand Tiles and Beeliners ...., at least a couple of hundred pounds ..., and Jerome gave me some Trigger for supper and it was delicious .., a pleasant last day for me ....., Captain Mark Chambers of the Due South continued his string of catching Sailfish, releasing a couple of more also ..., Captain Alan, Big Country, Scibal was also out there on the First Look and released a couple of Sailfish along with catching a nice Wahoo and some Gaffer Dolphin ., fishing is still strong ...., hope that you'll be able to get a bite or two before the end of the year.


On Saturday Captain Patrick took three brothers off to the deep water and they had a Sensational day of fishing catching Monster Wahoo, King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna and a load of Triggerfish and Beeliners ......, before the Winter sets in you need to book a trip offshore with one of the fine waterfront charter boats .., most have availability and they are ready to go ....., Sensation was the only boat that sailed on Saturday, or I would give you everyone's results ...., well now that it appears that Joe and the Ho are going to be in the White House another creepy crawler, Barack Obama, has resurfaced from obscurity and is comfortable again in front of every TV camera he can find ...., looks like we're gonna have to see his face daily again for another four years ..., Oh Lord please help us !!!


Unfortunately the fleet has not been able to sail for some time now because of the incessant winds ...., and unfortunately the wind does not appear to be letting up in the next few days ......, but as soon as it does and I can give you a fishing report I will certainly do so ...., so please stand by


Yesterday was Election Day across our nation and here on the Crystal Coast ..., but the Sailfish don't care as proven again by Captain Mark Chambers, aka Microwave and crew aboard the Due South ...., after record breaking catch and releases of 10 and 12 Sailfish respectively last week before the big winds moved in, Captain Mark took his crew out yesterday and scored with 5 more Sails along with a couple of nice Wahoo ...., keep up the fantastic work Mark .., Mark's great fishing just goes to show you that Good Things happen to Good People .., a beautiful forecast today and for the next couple of days so if you want to get in on some of this action, get your butt down here ...., New York proved once again last night that it's the Land of the Fruitcakes as they elected AOC for a second term ...., I'm sure happy that I live in a simple community like Carteret County ..,, where at least 71% of the peeps are intelligent :))


Captain Mark Chambers, aka Microwave, of the Due South broke two Remarkable Records last week ...., first after catching 10 Sailfish on Tuesday, he and crew went out on Wednesday and caught 12 Sailfish, which is a Crystal Coast RECORD ...., then on Thursday night he broke another Local record by bringing together almost every Captain and Mate together to break bread and celebrate the first annual Rough Point Shootout which he organized and has worked his butt off all Summer keeping up with it ...., Amazing Work Mark bringing comradery and plenty of positive energy to the fleet ..., Well done !!! See the photo page to see those attending .., I also had a great day on Wednesday along with Mate Zach Grantham on my final Charter day aboard the Sensation ..., watching Ben Kornegay angle an 84 pound Wahoo which we hooked and inshore next to the Atlas Tanker ...., Really Fun day to top off A Really Fun Ride that I've had aboard the Sensation ..., however Captain Patrick Dufour and Zach will keep the good fishing and fellowship going for all of you .


Captain Mark Chambers aka Microwave aboard the Due South had an outstanding day yesterday with a whopping TEN Sailfish releases ....., a Remarkable feat proving that you sure don't have to go to Mexico to get in on a hot Sailfish bite . In addition to Due South ...., the General and the Sensation each released Three Sails Great fishing ...., and let's not forget about all of the Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna that are being caught too ....., come get you some !!!


Eleven year old Davis Williams had a spectacular first day offshore aboard the Sensation yesterday along with his Dad Jeremy, Uncle Brian Davis and Grandpa Danny Davis ......, we entered the Carteret Cancer Crew Tournament and young Davis angled all of the fish that won Sensation first place overall in the Billfish release division with two Sailfish releases, first place Dolphin and second place Wahoo with a 56.5 pounder. Needless to say he was one tired young man and got a great snooze on the bridge of the Sensation ....., what an Awesome family day ..., check out the photo page ..., the General was not in the tournament but released 3 Sails while Due South released one ..., good Saturday fishing for most of the waterfront fleet ...., some Big Wahoo are here ..., you need to come get you some !!!


Doug Torn, David and Jimmy Bolding, Tom Grissom and my Great Friend Bobby Rice climbed aboard the Sensation yesterday morning and Captain Patrick and Mate Zach took them to exactly the right spot ...., at the end of the day they had a fishbox full of Citation sized Wahoo, a Citation King Mackerel, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. Great Pals together for an outstanding day on the ocean ....., keep in mind that there is going to be a benefit fishing tournament tomorrow, Carteret Cancer Crew, that will provide medical funds for two well deserving locals Keri McCann and Alan Murray ..., not to late to sign up at Jack's Waterfront Bar ....., a beautiful forecast tomorrow and a Great Cause !!!

8 Pound Triggers

Yesterday we had some awesome bottom fishing after a somewhat slow trolling bite ...., although we had the Legendary Banjo Player Sammy Shelor on board and not only is he a Country Music Hall of Famer but he’s also one helluva angler capturing a Citation size 44 pound Wahoo as well as A Citation Triggerfish weighing in at over 8 pounds !!! Sammy’s good friend Johnny Greene, son in law David and Pal Chuck Haley rounded out our all star crew ...., check out the photo page to see the results ...., Johnny also had a doubleheader Citation sized Triggerfish on light tackle that almost whipped his butt :)) ..., Dancin Outlaw sacked up three Sailfish and had a fine fishing day along with Sensation, Due South and the General


With a windy forecast only 20 boats signed up for the 2020 Brownbag Wahoo Challenge but it was still a fun and meaningful tournament for the participants. Captain Rocky Hardison, running the Island Girl had a contender until a big Shark came in behind the fish and bit it in half ...., the half that was weighed was still over 40 pounds !!! ..., Captain Randy and the Maggie crew topped the field with a whopping 88 pounder ..., 2nd place went to last years winner the Captain Patrick Dufour and Zach Grantham aboard Sensation with an 80.8 pounder ..., and 3rd went to Captain Wade Fickling and Mate Trey aboard the General with a 60 pounder ..., the rest of the fleet including Due South, Sensation, General and Island Girl also caught Sailfish while the Energizer scored on a White Marlin ., sorry to miss you this weekend but maybe next year :))

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