Fishing Report


You know that I'm really amazed that all of the national voting polls have career politician Joe Biden leading President Trump by 10 points or more ..., I was sitting on the upstairs deck at Jack's Waterfront Bar yesterday afternoon with good friends overlooking Sugarloaf Island and he waterway and there were dozens of boats sliding by dressed out with American Flags ......, and Trump Flags ...., but I have yet to see a Biden flag flying on any boat anywhere ..., go figure ...., fishing improved vastly yesterday with the trolling bite picking up for everyone ....., Dancin Outlaw, Due South, Twin Fin and Sensation each had a nice catch of Gaffers, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and each also was flying a Sailfish release flag ., Greg Burchfield and his family had a really fun day on the Sensation with plenty to take home for the freezer .., hope that you have an exceptional 4th of July ..., wherever you might be today and hope to see you soon .....,

Mahis, Wahoos and Triggerfish

The past couple of days have yielded a variety catch for the entire fleet ...., yesterday Dancin Outlaw with Captain Joey Rivenbark at the helm and Mate Andy in the cockpit has a really nice catch of Beeliners and Triggerfish ..., The General had similar action ..., day before Captain Patrick on the Sensation had several cracks at Sailfish and White Marlin but couldn’t keep them glued however Cody Lawson and crew did hang on to a good catch of Wahoo and Gaffers ...., but then yesterday the Lewis family celebrated young Haynes Birthday along with sister Chloe and friends Meade and Hudson ...., young Chloe caught 18 Mahi all by herself :)) many boats in the fleet have availability so give us a call !!! Check out the photo page ...., and also yesterday the Carolina Pirate caught and released TWO Blue Marlin !!!!


Starting on Monday of the 61st annual Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament boat owner Mike Rowe's dad David caught a record Mahi for him ..., a 28.5 pounder which finished in 4th place ..., on Thursday we were back out there with Captain Patrick Dufour at the helm and your's truly in the cockpit mating ...., the right shortrigger clip snapped and Mike did battle for a good while with a 350 pound Blue Marlin which we successfully released ...., then on Friday Yates Spruill caught and released his first Blue Marlin ever only 24 minutes before lines out on the final day ...., our two Blue Marlin took the lead and Sensation won the 61st Annual ..., Great team effort but huge thanks to the two Gregory boys who joined me in the cockpit ...., Randy on Thursday and Henry on Friday ...., they brought plenty of good luck to the Sensation ...., very Blessed !!! ..., back home today fishing was somewhat slow for the fleet ..., a few Wahoo, Gaffers and Blackfin Tuna along with good bottom fishing for Beeliners and Triggers ....., Sensation had two Blue Marlin encounters and Pal Tim Grein caught and released his first ...., see the photo page for the tournament and Tim's Blue ...., hope your weekend is a good one :)))


The past few days have been great for fishing on the Crystal Coast with crews on charter and private boats having good Gaffer and Marlin fishing ...., My Rice friends Tommy, Janet along with sons Clay and Thomas had a super day catching Gaffers and Blackfin Tuna on Saturday ...., while Captain Mark Chambers on the Due South caught Gaffers, Yellowfin Tuna and finished with a Blue Marlin...., Sensation is here in Hatteras fishing the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament and although we didn’t score a Marlin today, David Rowe sacked up a 28 pound Gaffer ..., but on Saturday fishing out of Morehead, Heather, Mark, Chloe, Brooke Mikles along with Pal Brad racked up 28 Mahi including a 32 pounder is great on the Crystal Coast ..., give one of the fleet a call and get in on this action


Yep the dust has settled from a really eventful week of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and the fleet is settling down to a return to charter fishing ..., and not disappointingly as Captain Patrick and Mate Zach have done a great job finding table fare for our groups ..., on Monday Martin Turley and crew had a nice catch of Gaffers and pulled off a White Marlin then yesterday after a slow start Richard Arvan of Best entertained his customers in style with over 200 pounds of Gaffers and Blackfin Tuna ...., Due South also had a good catch ...., although we only have a day here and there available for the next few weeks you really should give one of our fine waterfront fleet a call and get in on some of this great action

July 8

If you have July 8 booked please let me know ...., I’ve somehow lost the information ...., fishing offshore was somewhat slow yesterday for the fleet ...., Sensation ended up making Michael Mehringer and crew happy with a nice catch of Triggerfish and Beeliners ...., Due South caught a few Yellowfin Tuna while Island Girl had a nice catch of Gaffers ...., what a Great Big Rock Tournament we had ...., Record Breaking year with a 35ft Contender, Pelagic Hunter winning with a 495.2 pound Blue Marlin and 2 time winner Sea Striker finishing 2nd and Predator finishing 3rd ..., amazingly less than ONE POUND separated the top three finishers ...., but the best news is that the Big Rock Charities are going to have funding when 2 months ago we didn’t think that we would even be able to have the Tournament :))) ....,Dockmate Dancin Outlaw was edged out of 3rd place in the final hour of the tournament ...., However Captain Thomas Woods with son Frank on board went out in style with a Great Catch !!! Raining here on the Crystal Coast ..., sure hope it’s gonna stop soon


In my last 22 years of running a charter boat I have never had a more positive, patient and fun group on the Sensation for tournament fishing ..., Natalie, Carl, Crystal, Sam, Mike along with Sammy, Brandon, Yates and Marcus for a day waited patiently for 4 straight days as Patrick and I put our best efforts forward in search of the elusive Blue Marlin ...., we did pull off a couple of small Blues on Monday but the rest of the week consisted of catching only 2 Gaffers ...., So Painful :((( ..., check out the the results from the Big Rock .., very eventful week on the ocean to say the least ., so now I'm gonna get back to doing regular fishing reports so stay tuned ...., hope that you are going to have a great week and I hope to be seeing you soon :))


Sorry for no fishing reports but I'll catch up ..., The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is underway and not much regular fishing going on ..., plenty of Blue Marlin caught yesterday by the 205 boat fleet that's fishing the tourney ...., what a great turnout ....., Sensation's girls did great in the KWLA by winning the Tuna division with Michele Gregory angling a nice 39.7 pound Yellowfin Tuna ...., yesterday unfortunately we pulled off two Blue Marlin which would have put us in contention ...., there were some heartbreaks among the fleet with one Blue Marlin that was only 3/10s of a pound away from qualifying ..., today's a new day and Good Lord willing we'll get out there and round up a big one ...., hope that you're day is a really good one :))


On Thursday Andy Smith and his Odyssey friends had a great catch of Gaffers including a 38 pounder ....., but then on Friday Todd Casey and the Best crew topped the Odyssey catch with a 44 pound Gaffer ....., sure would like to catch that one today for the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Anglers Tournament .., the KWLA was changed to fishing one out of two days because of the wind forecast so we chose to wait until today ....., still gonna be really choppy out there so hopefully our crew is plenty salty and we'll have a great day ..., Best of luck to all of the boats fishing today and next week in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament ......, hope to see you at the scales ..., I'll have a better report for you tonight I hope ..., travel safe


Sensation stayed ashore yesterday to tend to some much needed engine work but the fleet that sailed had really good fishing ...., dock talk was that the Carterican caught 38 Gaffer Dolphin and released a Blue Marlin to boot ..., the General had a dockful of Gaffers and Blackfin Tuna .., as did the Dancin Outlaw ..., Due South had a really nice catch of Gaffers and topped their day off with 8 Nice Class Yellowfin Tuna ....., inshore the Island Girl sacked up a bunch of stovepipe Spanish Mackerel ...., guess what !!! the KWLA is only three days away and the ladies across the state are fired up and ready to catch some fish ..., I certainly know that Sensation's crew is chomping at the bit ..., hard to believe that the Big Rock is already upon us ...., and although the event will be a bit different this year we are expecting plenty of action ..., in fact boats from up and down the coast have already started rolling into town ....., get ready for great action !!!

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