Fishing Report


Thomas Brewer brought a fine crew aboard the Sensation on Sunday and we had an exceptional day with young Ty catching four different species of fish ., Barracuda, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and King Mackerel ...., check out the photo page for Sunday's action ...., Patrick and I decided to take advantage of a pretty day ahead of this storm with a foreign name and as it turns out we only saw one more boat in the ocean all day long ...., and Brewer's crew had it all to themselves ..., the storm is passing thru as I write this report and am looking out my window at the churned up sound over toward Atlantic Beach ...., it should be out of here in a couple of hours and we'll be heading back to Jarrett Bay to hopefully get the Sensation back in the water and ready for tomorrow's offshore adventure ..., stay tuned for more reports ..., it's really hard to believe that the Summer is almost over ...., and the tobacco has already been topped :((


There’s a Golden Opportunity that awaits you on either August 17-18 or 19 ...., we will be docked at Fishermen’s Wharf Marina, Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach awaiting the VBBT and we have those three days available for charter ...., and that’s typically the time of year that Whitey shows up in force so it should be a great opportunity for you to hone your angling skills catching White Marlin ...., feel free to message me or give me a call ....., Good Lord willing Patrick and I are heading offshore today ahead of that little storm with a foreign name ....., heaven forbit our National Weather Service discriminate against a tropical storm or hurricane ...., our Great Country is a mess ...., Chicago’s lousy Mayor taking down statues of Christopher Columbus ...., I mean Really ?? ...., you’d better be voting for Trump Nov 3rd !!


Wilson Engleby and his Dad Will have been fishing on the Sensation for several years on their annual trek to the Crystal Coast to visit family ....., this year was exceptional as the crew assembled by Matt Foster had a great fishing day catching Wahoos, Gaffer Dolphin, huge Amberjacks and Wilson scored on his first ever Sailfish and got the celebratory dunking :))) great family and friends day ..., check out the photo page ...., Dancin Outlaw’s Capt Joey and Mate Andy put their charter on several monstrous King Mackerel, biggest I’ve seen all season ...., looking like some serious wind for the next few days but hopefully not too much to keep the fleet from sailing ...., been a really fun week so far ...., hoping it’s gonna get even funnier :)))


Well we had a couple of cracks at Sailfish on the last day of the DU Tournament however we didn't connect so our action was only one White Marlin and one Sailfish ..., but having Jamie Ervin and his crew on board the Sensation for three days was a real pleasure ..., great team !!! ....., my dockmates did real good tho with the General with Capt Wade and Mate Trey won for the THIRD year in a row, Sensation's 2nd mate Zach Grantham ran the Petrone and finished in 2nd place, while Capt Mark, Microwave, Chambers and Brother Big Wave finished in 3rd on the Due South ..., and Capt Joey Rivenbark with Mate Andy scored 3rd overall in the release category ..., yesterday Sensation with Mickey Loftis and crew scored a couple of Wahoo , a bunch of Mahi and several Triggerfish ..., all sorts of variety here on the Crystal Coast ..., congratulations also to local captain/mate Lucas Jolly and the Point Runner team for winning the Boat Builders tournament out of Oregon Inlet ..., Good stuff !!


It's my understanding that the DU Band the Billfish Tournament has 38 boats fishing with 24 fishing the first day which was yesterday ...., some action for the tournament fleet as the Whitecaps and the J&B both released Blue Marlin .., the Demolished Profits, Sea I Sea, Inspiration, Reel Country and Sensation each released Sailfish and Sensation had a White Marlin to boot ...., the meat fishing continues to be best on the bottom with the Triggerfish, Beeliners, Grouper and Black Bass ....., there have been some Bailer sized Dolphin around ..., Banks Gurganus brought Pals Pearson and Mickey for his 14th birthday excursion aboard the Sensation on Tuesday and we caught a dozen or so ..., the Travis Roberts and crew caught them good on Wednesday with Capt Patrick at the helm ...., there have also been a few Wahoo along with Blackfin Tuna for the waterfront fleet ., and plenty of Barracuda :))


Bubba's little one ..., 8 year old Edie Haywood has fished the Boys and Girls Club on the Sensation for several years now and although she has caught Dolphin and Tuna she's never caught a Billfish ., until yesterday when she caught her first ever Sailfish ....., Bubba made her a really Sweet promise for this accomplishment which I will not disclose .., Sensation had a great tournament, releasing 2 Sailfish while Rand Peate not only released a Sail but finished 4th in the Dolphin division. Daniel Delaporte won the Overall Aggregate Division and finished 4th in Wahoo and 5th in the Dolphin ...., the General won the tournament while other dockmates the Bluewater released 2 Sails and a White, Dancin Outlaw 2 Sails and Due South released a Blue Marlin ...., otherwise the Fin Planner won $25K in the winner take all Dolphin division and my Pal John Morgan and his boys took advantage of the final open day for American Red Snapper and snagged some great big ones ..., gonna be a beautiful week ..., hope that it's a good one for you :))


Captain Patrick was on the bridge of the Sensation yesterday along with Mate Zach in the cockpit for what I understand was a beautiful and productive day on the Great North Atlantic ...., John Clark and crew brought home a nice catch of July Wahoos as well as releasing a Sailfish ......, the Island Girl also released a Sail as well as the General ...., hopefully a bunch of these Sailfish will stick around this weekend for the Boys and Girls Club Billfish Classic and give the kids some excitement catching those pointy nosed rascals ..., the forecast is outstanding for the weekend so you should gather your crew and come on down ..., in the meantime stay cool .., the midday sunshine and temperature here on the Crystal Coast has been brutal ....., hope to see you soon :))


Beginning Friday I had granddaughters Sailor, Sara Grace, friend Addison, Owen Jenkins and brother Tucker on the Sensation for a really fun day ..., Sara Grace caught and released a Sailfish and everybody caught Mahi, Triggers, Sea Bass and Red Snapper ..., then Saturday we were one for three on Blue Marlin and the 300+ pounder that Mike Edwards caught was hooked by Mate Zach after the fish ate a Bailer Dolphin on 25 pound tackle ...., it took a lot of chasing and backing but after an hour 15 minutes we successfully released the monster ..., Mike did great work ...., then yesterday Erick Ward's 7 year old son Jax angled his first ever Sailfish and I'd say that he's hooked on fishing :)) ..., a little later my bridge pole bowed over and after a 20 minute battle that I thought was a Blue Marlin .., Zach put the first gaff in an 84 pound Wahoo that angler David McRee put a whipping on !! Fishing has been interesting for the past few days ..., most boats have caught the American Red Snappers in the three day window to catch them ...., and the General a Blue Marlin ...., Due South has released several Sails including 2 yesterday and Blue Water also released Sails ..., the Boys and Girls Club Billfish Classic is next weekend beginning Thursday so you need to get your crew together and get on down here to support this much needed cause ...., hope that you're staying cool ..., check out the photo page, Facebook and Instagram for Sensation's action for the past few days


David Rigg brought his family to fish aboard the Sensation on Monday ....., Kim, Conner, Brittany, Mandi and Carrie had a big time and stayed very busy as you can see on the Photo Page ....., a truck load of Mahi was the catch of the day ...., plenty of fun and plenty for a bunch of suppers :)) ......, yesterday Joey Bass and his family also had a nice catch of Mahi and Albacore Tuna on their 3/4 day excursion ...., the General, Island Girl, Rooster, Due South, Dancin Outlaw, Energizer and Twin Fin each have also had good catches for the past few days ...., except for a couple of boats braving the conditions today most of the fleet is tied up between the pilings ...., Many of the fleet has available days and Sensation still has July 22 open. Give one of us a call and let’s go fishing ...., sure hope you’re staying COOL today .....,,


Yesterday, July 4th was planned to be a really special day that was planned by Darrell Stout to spend one last day offshore with his good friends including me. Darrell has been in failing health for a long time and taking dialysis but all the way back in February he told me that he wanted to take Danny Davis, Clark Gibson, Tommy Rice and Bob Stafford on the Sensation on July 4th ..., so we made a plan. Everyone arrived in Morehead late Friday but unfortunately Darrell's wife called and they had to turn around because he wasn't feeling well ..., but he said for us to go on, have fun and he'd try to get down yesterday ...., we did not know it until we got back within cell range but early yesterday morning Darrell crossed the ultimate bar to be with our Lord ..., Darrell was with us all day yesterday as we had a nice catch of Gaffers and topped the day off with a Nice Swordfish ...., Rest in Peace Our Friend :(( .., it was also a pleasure to have Johnny Green aboard with us ......, check out the photo page to see yesterday's action as well as an action gaff shot of Greg Burchfield's daughter's gaffer :)) ....., hope that your 4th was special too

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