Fishing Report


With a windy forecast only 20 boats signed up for the 2020 Brownbag Wahoo Challenge but it was still a fun and meaningful tournament for the participants. Captain Rocky Hardison, running the Island Girl had a contender until a big Shark came in behind the fish and bit it in half ...., the half that was weighed was still over 40 pounds !!! ..., Captain Randy and the Maggie crew topped the field with a whopping 88 pounder ..., 2nd place went to last years winner the Captain Patrick Dufour and Zach Grantham aboard Sensation with an 80.8 pounder ..., and 3rd went to Captain Wade Fickling and Mate Trey aboard the General with a 60 pounder ..., the rest of the fleet including Due South, Sensation, General and Island Girl also caught Sailfish while the Energizer scored on a White Marlin ., sorry to miss you this weekend but maybe next year :))


On Tuesday I had my big Sissy Anne on board along with her best friends Debbie and Cookie ......, it was a special day catching Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and s slew of Mahi ..., I'm not sure which sport they like better ...., Fishing or Pickleball ..., on Wednesday we had legendary tennis instructor and good friend Randy Bailey on the Sensation along with his family including Grandson Colton, who caught his first Sailfish, a Wahoo and a Mahi ....., the Best of times ...., check out the photo page. Otherwise the balance of the fleet including the Island Girl, Dancin Outlaw, Rambin Man, Diamond Girl, Due South and the General have also had great catches of Wahoo, Sailfish, Tuna and Mahi ..., the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge has been moved to this Sunday when the offshore forecast is much better with 10-15 knots out of the North which will make the Wahoos snap ....., hopeful that you will join us for a fun day of fishing while supporting the Crystal Coast Hospice House ...., really looking forward to seeing you .,


I'm running late for the boat this morning but I will do a two day fishing report this evening so please stand by ....., but I will tell you that big Wahoo have shown up just in time for this weekend's Brownbag Wahoo Challenge ..., which this year because of the Saturday forecast has turned into a one out of two day event, Sat or Sunday, Captains choice ...., stand by.


As you will see on the photo page, fishing is great here on the Crystal Coast and The General had a cancellation for Thursday, tomorrow ....., although it's short notice you should give Capt Wade a call, 252-342-0508 and take advantage of this opportunity ....., we had a great day yesterday on the Sensation on a trip for friends sponsored by Captain John Smith ...., Captain Doc, Bobby, David, Mike and Steve had plenty of action all day long with a really nice catch of Mahi, Blackfin Tuna and even a couple of Sailfish ..., Twin Fin also caught a couple of Sails along with some good meat ..., Due South caught a Sail, Mahis, Blackfin and Wahoo and the General and Dancin Outlaw also had nice catches ....., the new Jarrett Bay work of Art, the Reel Development made it's debut on the break yesterday ..., she's heading to Cabo beginning today ...., what a Beauty !! .., we only have one day open in October which is the 29th so give us a call or one of the other fine waterfront fleet ...., really looking forward to seeing you down here soon !!


The Morehead City Waterfront once again looked like a normal Fall day as the charter fleet rolled in with their catch ..., and Captain Mark Chambers of the Due South was flying three Sailfish flags followed by another Sailfish catch with Capt Patrick Dufour and Mate Zach aboard the Sensation ...., also Sensation lined the dock with a tremendous catch of Wahoo, Tuna and Gaffers ...., making Johnathan Barrett and his crew a bunch of happy campers ..., the General, Due South and Dancin Outlaw also had good meat fish catches ., Sensation only has 5 available days left in October so try to get penciled in but if we're booked you need to get one of the other fine boats in the Waterfront fleet ..., check out the photo page for yesterdays action ..., and I really hope to see you back down here soon !!


Last Sunday old friend Darrell Stout had Sensation booked for his second trip of the year offshore with his friends, the first being in July ..., but Darrell crossed the Eternal Bar before making the trip .., but Pal Clark Gibson picked up the torch and brought a group of friends to honor Darrell and it was a fun and special day ..., check out the photo page to see that Motley Crew led by Clark and World Class Angler Fredneck England of New Tazwell in the Great State of Tennessee ....., Thanks Clark :)) then on Monday we had Brandon Dennis and crew on board, then Tuesday Todd Hagen, Melanie, good friend Carl Johnston with pretty daughter Crystal and we fished in an absolute Frog Strangler rainstorm most of the day ..., the Wahoo bite was shy but we still had a great day ..., a few Blackfin Tuna and cracks at Sailfish ..., yesterday was a blow out but Patrick has Sensation offshore today along with several other boats in the fleet so maybe I'll have a good report for you this afternoon ...., Stand by !!


Only a couple of boats sailed from the waterfront yesterday even with the outstanding forecast but for the Sensation the bite was on ......, Captain Patrick and Mate Zach took Joseph Black and his family Tom, Gina, Ayden and Isaac out to the Blue Water and they came back with a fish box slam full of Wahoo, Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna ..., 11 Wahoo to be exact ...., check out the photo page ..., today we'll be looking a Swordfish for John Morgan and his pals from Virginia and hopefully we will be successful ..., lots of boats were icing up yesterday afternoon so there should be a sizeable fleet out today ...., I'll post you up ..., in the meantime you should check out the Sensation fishing calendar and get a day on the water ..., and if we're not available one of the other fine waterfront boats in the fleet will be ...,


You need to listen to a song that Jimmy Buffet wrote several years ago ...., I think that he wrote it about the majority of the people who live in Asheville ....., “FRUITCAKES “ ...., I’m just leaving there this morning after spending a few days with my daughter and granddaughter ..., Lordy Lordy ...., the good news tho is that the big blow has finally come to an end on the Crystal Coast and several boats are sailing today including the Sensation ...., so stand by ..., the fishing reports will resume tomorrow ..., hope your day is a dandy ...., I’m heading East on 40 ...., back to Gods Country :))


Erin Cline came to Beaufort with her new Hubby Cameron Hall for their Honeymoon this week and certainly a highlight of the trip was the chance to head offshore on the Sensation yesterday ...., just the two of them ....., for a full day together in the bright blue waters of the Gulf Stream ...., catching big fish ....., and they were not to be disappointed as Captain Patrick and Mate Zach put them on Wahoo, Mahi and Tuna ...., plenty to fill up their freezer in their new home together ..., Erin and Cameron said that the ride out in a Southeast wind and swell was a bit tough but after they got there the wind fell out it was beautiful and the ride home was perfect ...., check out the photo page ...., day before Jerome Frazier and his Pals spent a half day inshore catching a pile of yummy Spanish Mackerel ....., only one other boat sailed from the waterfront yesterday ..., Capt Mark Chambers took his crew aboard the Due South for some Wahoo fishing .., it's that Fall time of year and Sensation has a few days left open in Sept/Oct ., so get on our calendar but if you can't find a day open that you need please look at the other fine boats on the Morehead City waterfront and come fishing ..., and don't forget to tell all your family and friends to vote for Trump so that we can keep going fishing in a good economy :))


A Huge Trump fan and my new friend DeVan Barbour celebrated his birthday aboard Sensation yesterday along with wife Brittany and Pals Rebecca and Will ...., and they scored a Crystal Coast Slam ..., Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna ..., which was Wills first ever Yellowfin Tuna ..., a really fun day ..., Only three boats left the inlet yesterday morning to head offshore to the Blue Water and frankly I was concerned about the wind and sea conditions that we would find after looking at the wind and sea report ., but after we cleared the Knuckle Buoy we were pleasantly surprised ..., a beautiful sunny day ......, we missed a couple of Sailfish but the General connected with one along with Mahi and Blackfin Tuna ..., inshore the Drum continue to bite good in the Estuaries as well as Spanish Mackerel along the beach .., I could feel the Fall air coming yesterday which means that the fishing is going to get better and better .., you need to come too :))

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