Fishing Report


The fleet has had decent Gaffer fishing for the past couple of days along with a good showing of Blue and White Marlin ...., on Monday Joe Foster caught his first ever Blue Marlin which was a Dandy and the rest of the Foster clan celebrating Dad Ron's 70th birthday caught a bunch of Gaffers including a 30 pounder ., that same day the General caught a Blue and a White Marlin and several others were seen and caught ..., yesterday Jimmy Edwards brought his family aboard the Sensation and stocked the freezer up with Gaffer Dolphin and grandson Ben caught his first ever really fat Wahoo ...., the General also loaded up on Gaffers...., inshore the Top Shelf had a great day catching Spanish Mackerel ..., and my friend John Furman had his grandkids out on his outboard inshore and caught plenty of really big Spanish .., come on down to the Crystal Coast :))


Captain Casey Wagner and team Inspiration decked a 535 pound Blue Marlin yesterday in the Swansboro Memorial Day Billfish Tournament ...., the overall winner was Sea I Sea with three Blue Marlin releases with second going to dockmate the General and third going to Post Call ...., Scott Beane and crew had a great catch of Gaffers aboard the Sensation ...., Due South and Bluewater posted Blue Marlin releases ...., Energizer released a Sailfish and most all of the fleet saw Mahi action ...., Oh Boy the Big Rock is only two weeks away ...., get your crew together !!!


Yesterday with Jimmy Edwards and his fine crew aboard the Sensation we looked everywhere for conditions that might hold some Gaffer Dolphin from shallow water to really deep water .., at 170 fathoms I found a piece of cooler water with a touch of grass in it but it was not holding any Gaffers ..., however as I trolled down the beach along the cool water edge against 3 knots of tide we had an explosion on the right short rigger ..., an inside out bite of a 500 pound Blue Marlin .., but after a 10 minute battle and several spectacular jumps the fish pulled off ., an hour later a 250 pounder popped up on the right short rigger and Patrick did a masterful job of hooking the fish ..., again after a short battle the fish hinged the leader in half and was gone ..., the Swansboro Rotary Marlin Tournament is going on this weekend with Post Call leading with one Blue Marlin release and our dock mate the General in second place ., some good action yesterday ...., wish ours had stayed glued :((


Well we were almost solo out on the rip yesterday ...., to my knowledge only one other private boat ventured offshore yesterday with rain and some Northeast wind forecast but John Morgan, Dad Ken and his friend Alex aka "Puffer" were ready to get offshore away from all of this madness onshore .., the ocean was surprisingly beautiful and although most of the day was a steady drizzle ..., we got out to 90 fathoms and the left short rigger came down with an inside out bite from a Blue Marlin .., John settled into the chair for the battle but unfortunately 20 minutes later and less than 100 feet from the boat the fish pulled off ..., then we set back out and caught a Puffer fish of all things ..., a little later we found another Blue Marlin but we didn't see the fish however we caught two Gaffers that had been freshly attacked by the Marlin .., take a look at the photo page and zoom in on them ..., I don't know how the one on the far left survived the attack ...., Big Rock is just around the corner ..., come on down !!! Really windy and rainy today again so everyone is going to stay tied up between the pilings .., I'll get you a report as soon as we fish again.


Pals Captain Watson Caviness, Chris Cates, their two sons, along with Page Robertson and crew brought the new Salty Fare to Morehead City and yesterday they put on a Blue Marlin catching Clinic by tying the single day record with SEVEN Blue Marlin releases .., absolutely Phenomenal !!! ..., the Marlin fishing was Epic yesterday with a long list of releases .., Waste Knot had 3, boats with 2 each - Shenandoah, First Look, Due South, Inspiration, Builders Choice, and with 1 each - Diamond Girl, Piracy, Annie C, Annie O, Marlin Fever, Carolina Times, Cat Baby ..., and Captain Joey Rivenbark caught his first Blue as a Captain on the Dancin Outlaw ...., and I'm sure that I left some boats out ...., Sensation pulled off 3 Blue ones yesterday with a Great Family on board .., Jon D Morgan, Brother Morgan with daughter Julia, Dad Bob Morgan and friend Jason with son Cohen ..., Julia angled two big Gaffers and Cohen got in on the action too ...., check out the photo page to see those fine young anglers and their catch :))) ..., I've got to think that while the Beautiful Memorial Service for Captain John Jenkins was being held overlooking the water which he loved ..., he sent special fishing to the Fleet ..., and thank you Captain Nathan Newlin for remembering Capt John with your prayer to the Fleet


Again I'm dedicating the fishing report today to our Good Friend Captain John Thaddeus Bennett Jenkins III ...., at 11:00 today a Memorial Service for Captain John will be held overlooking the water that he loved so much .., I feel very Blessed to have had the opportunity to have John in my life ...., we had many, many days on the Great North Atlantic laughing and bantering back and forth with the fleet on our VHF radios while making our charters happy with bent fishing poles ...., if you are so inclined you also can remember Captain John with a donation to his two boys college fund ..., just make it to Edward Jones - Jenkins 529, c/o Chris Collins, 2238 Nash Street North, Wilson, NC 27896 ...., tomorrow early I will get back on track with my daily fishing reports ...., so check back in the morning ...., I'm hopeful that you will really enjoy this beautiful sunshiny day :))


Captain John Jenkins ran the Sensation a couple of weeks in mid May two years ago while yours truly was on a family vacation ...., and almost everyday he would pick on me by having Mate Patrick text me photos of the Blue Marlin that they caught that day ..., he was a GREAT Fisherman and had a lot of fun with that !!! ..., Yesterday I think that Captain John picked on me again by making an arrangement from Heaven to keep me in the mud meat fishing and send Blue Marlins to many of his friends fishing further offshore ..., an Epic Marlin day with this count that I know of ., Diamond Girl 2 Blues/2 Whites, Carolina Times 3 Blues, First Look 2 Blues, and single Blues were caught by the Marlin Fever, Annie O, Relentless, Sea Striker and others that I didn't know .., but yesterday was an exceptional day on the Sensation with my great Pal Randy Bailey and his family, especially his grandson Cole whose dreams came true by catching a Gaffer Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, and a Bunch of Triggerfish ..., it was a real pleasure to have all of that Love onboard ...., I'm onshore today and tomorrow but Patrick is running the Sensation ..., hopefully Captain John will make arrangements to send a Blue Marlin or two his way :))


The Waterfront and our Community lost a Great Friend yesterday as Captain John Jenkins crossed the eternal bar ...., Captain John was as good a man as our Creator has ever put on this earth ........, always steady in all of his endeavors, always a smile on his face, always seeing the best in others and bringing his positive attitude to those around him, always leading by example, and always the best Dad possible to his two sons ..., we will miss you Captain John ....., may you rest eternally in the arms of our Good Lord ..., tonight I will get you a fishing report and catch you up on the past few days ....., hope that your day is a good one


Sensation went looking for a Blue Marlin for Dr. Larry Adams Grandson Harrison yesterday but instead of scoring our goal Harrison and Mom Kate scored several big Gaffers ...., see the photo page ..., always a pleasure to have all that Love on the Sensation ....., but WOW what a catch the General and the Skirt Chaser had yesterday ...., Captain Wade and Mate Trey loaded two full fish carts with 50 pound Yellow Fin Tuna and Gaffers when they backed into the slip ..., and Captain Barry and Mate Gunner filled the dock up with the same ..., they whacked the Yellow Fin and Gaffer Dolphin ...., there were hundreds of boats in the ocean yesterday ..., nice to see a break in the weather and an opportunity for boats large and small to take their crews to the Blue Water ..., come on down if you have a chance fish on one of our fine waterfront fleet's boats .., Summer's almost here :}}


Courtney Byrd and beau Sean Teague had an outstanding day on the Sensation on Sunday catching Yellowfin Tuna, Gaffer Dolphin and one of the items on Courtney's Bucket List got checked off as she angled her first ever Sailfish and at the same time Sean angled the second Sail of a doubleheader ...., well with Captain Patrick at the helm yesterday Sean fulfilled another Bucket List item as he caught his first Blue Marlin .., two perfect days aboard the Sensation for Courtney and Sean ...., Congratulations !!! Yesterday also the Dancin Outlaw sacked up the Gaffer Dolphin with a dock full .., the Skirt Chaser had an awesome catch of big Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna and Gaffers ..., and Due South, Blue Water, Rooster Island Girl and Energizer also had good catches ..., we've had some days open up in May because of you know what so get online and book either Sensation or another fine boat from our waterfront fleet ...., get you some of this hot action !!!

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