Fishing Report

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My former mate Capt Alan (Big Couuntry) Scibal is fishing with Capt Brent Gaskill on the Builders Choice here in the PCBT this week and yesterday with boat owner Harris Huddle in the chair they decked a SLOB ..., a 911 pound Blue Marlin that will surely hold all week long the first place position ..., google PCBT and take a look at that Sea Monster ...., Sensation jumped a White Marlin off yesterday then I circled back around and we caught two one with 12 year old Reid Yancey on the rod which won him a Daily Youth Angler Award ..., it was Reid?s first time fishing offshore ..., and his Dad Brandon caught the other one ..., the Sun shined brighter yesterday :)))

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Sensation girls had a great time in the Alice Kelly Billfish Tournament ..., Dana, Joy, Jane and Alyce each caught a Billfish as we released 2 white Marlin and 2 Sailfish ..., sure wish we could have found 2 more for Connie and Melanie ..., but still had a fun day ..., Sensation hung on like a shot squirrel to first place but tumbled from the tree with 20 minutes of fishing left when the Off Duty released a Blue Marlin to give them a 50 point lead and drop us to second ...., but we were happy with 2nd place in a field of 108 boats ..., back home The Dancin Outlaw reported GREAT weekend Wahoo and Sailfish action and with little grass :)) and inshore the Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish are snapping. The PCBT begins tomorrow so Sensation will be here for the week and then on to Va Beach next week but I?ll keep you posted up on the action back home ...., sad that Summer of 18 has come to a close :((

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Been hopeful all week for a great week, that the wind and sea conditions would be calmer than the past bit, that there would be less grass, and that the fish would bite better and the week would work out perfect. On Wednesday the Keifer family was on board with one of my Godchildren Olivia, rough seas and no bites brought us home early. Then on Thursday I had one of my favorites on board with Matt Davis and his great friends but I needed to stay ashore so Capt Ken Kramer ran the boat. Matt's crew caught a few Mahi and Barracuda. I'm sorry that wasn't on the bridge on Thursday :(( yesterday our party cancelled and I didn't rebook. Today Patrick and I leave for the Alice Kelly and PCBT and then the VA Beach Wine Women and Fishing Tournament and VBBT looking to catch Marlin. Dancin Outlaw, Bill Collector and Reel Country worked hard yesterday to scrape up a catch of Wahoo, Mahi and other assorted fish. Although I'll be away I will keep up with what's going on here and update you. It's time for the fishing to get back to normal and it will :))) Sure hope that your day today is as good as you could hope for.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

We got back from our overnighter with NC State CMAST late yesterday and our mission was a success and overnight we turned the spreader lights on and the boys caught Squid on light spinning tackle. Now this morning Good Lord willing we're gonna ventured out into the Hay Field ?, Captain Thomas Woods of the Dancin Outlaw told me when I returned yesterday that it's as bad as he has ever seen it, that you cannot keep a hook in the water that doesn't immediately get grass on it. On Monday Capt Thomas said that the grass cleared up enough on the Big Rock to fish and that there was plenty of bait and the fish were biting, he caught 6 Wahoo, several Gaffers, Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish. Looking for those kinds of conditions today. Would be nice if silky smooth too. Forecast to get those conditions later in the week :))

Monday, August 06, 2018

Yours truly has been traveling to see family the past couple of days and Captains Ken Kramer and John Jenkins filled in for me ?. Chad Thomas and his crew had slow fishing on Saturday but did manage to catch a Sailfish and Wahoo ?, yesterday William Pope and the boys only scored with 3 Mahi ?., and I'm gonna blame it on the Sargassum sea that has taken over our fishing grounds ?, unprecedented grass has prevented everyone from moving from place to place that we normally fish and unfortunately the grass has not proven to be good habitat .., Dancin Outlaw did find some bait yesterday and had a good catch of Wahoo. Good Lord willing we're leaving the dock this morning with a team from NC State CMAST for an overnight research fishing trip and will not return until tomorrow afternoon ?.., so your next report will not be until Tues night .., boy o boy I'm sad to say that time sure melts away .., we leave for Pirate's Cove on Saturday then Va Beach the week after and that always means that Summer is almost over ., it's sure been a good one .., but not quite over yet :)))

Saturday, August 04, 2018

From the Bahamas to the Florida coast along the beachs and in the water all the way up the coast to NC the Sargassum grass has been overwhelming ..., the Gulf Stream waters are so inundated with grass that it?s almost impossible to keep a trolling bait free of grass for any length of time ...., and you would think that all of that grass would provide good habitat for Mahi ...., but sadly it hasn?t ...., but the fleet has been able to wiggle around between the grass and scrape up catches of Wahoo, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Barracuda, Sailfish and a few Mahi ...., and with all the storms that have been passing thru the ocean has been rather choppy but the forecast is calling for light winds for the next several days ...., I really miss and am always longing for those silky smooth conditions :))) ..., and maybe the Gulf Stream current will shove all that grass on out to sea soon .., hopeful that your weekend is a good one

Monday, July 30, 2018

The weather pattern that has engulfed our coast for the past week just won't go away ?., although there isn't much wind forecast for today the heavy rain and a few lighting strikes around is the worst part ??, but I think that we're going to give it a try today ??, no boats sailed yesterday so no report but maybe I'll be able to give you a good report later today so stand by for that ?.., check out our booking calendar and pick a day or two in Sept or Oct to get in on some of our hot Wahoo fishing during those months ?, although Aug is mostly booked we still have the 30th and 31st open too ?., I hope that we'll be able to stay out of the storms today and have a productive day ?.., and I hope that your day onshore is a really good one ?.., it's gonna be a good week :))

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Took a week but the fleet finally made a day yesterday after being tied to the dock since Friday a week ago ?., Yours truly had a 3/4 day so we didn't make it offshore outside of 25 miles but our family crew led by Todd Truedson had a fun day catching King Mackeral, Albacore Tuna, Barracuda and a nice Wahoo ?., the offshore fleet scored well too with Reel Country leading the pack with a Doubleheader Blue Marlin Release ?, Capt Microwave said they were 250 and 350 pounders ?., all the boats that sailed from the waterfront had decent meatfish catches including Bill Collector, Reel Country and Dancin Outlaw ......, Captain Thomas Woods with Mate Eli of the Dancin Outlaw whacked the Wahoo good enough ?, rough again today so here I sit doing my fishing report and gazing across the intracoastal waterway at Atlantic Beach ?.., hope your day is a good one and you stay dry :))

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sorry for no fishing reports but it's literally been a week tomorrow since any boats have sailed from the waterfront to the offshore waters ?., Friday of the Ducks tournament was our last fishing day ?.., but hopefully I think a couple of brave souls may have tried it today and we're scheduled to fish tomorrow ?, so I should have a report for you by tomorrow at the latest ?., fingers crossed ?, in the meantime we'll have to make the best of our time onshore :)) ?.. Stand by for a report but in the meantime look at the Photo Page to see New Tazwell Tennessee's own World Class Angler Fred (aka Fredneck) on the way to the scales with his prize winning Wahoo in the Band the Billfish Ducks Unlimited Tournament:))

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Captain Wade Fickling along with mates Trey and Chase of the General were the top guns in the 30th Annual Ducks Unlimited Band the Billfish Tournament releasing 3 Sailfish on Thursday and capping it off with 2 on Friday .., Bill Collector has always been a consistent top finisher in the DU Tournament and this year was no exception as Mate Nathan and Captain Stephen captured 2 Sailfish each day on Thurs and Friday to finish in second place ., and Looking Back Captain Parker Henry with Brother John and crew finished third with 3 releases ., beating out Captain Casey Wagner and son Cole of the Inspiration by only a couple of ounces with a meat fish tiebreaker , Patrick did a great job getting all of the dredges and baits prepared to catch however yours truly did a great job steering the Sensation away from the fish :((( .., we had one Sailfish to a teaser that would not switch off , but we'll do better !!! Sensation World Class Angler Fred England did capture third place in the Wahoo division ...., wind is blowing and onshore today , gonna be a good Weekend:))

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