Fishing Report

Friday, September 22, 2017

A few of the fleet sailed yesterday and when back in port tied up a few Sailfish flags were flying ....., the boats that fished were the Dancin Outlaw, Bill Collector, and Hunter from the waterfront and the Pelagic from over on Atlantic Beach ...., several Wahoo hit the dock also along with a scattering of Tuna and Mahi ...., Good Lord willing I will be on the bridge of the Sensation in a few and we'll be off to the Shelf Break with Carl Johnson and his family and friends ...., supposed to be a beautiful ocean today with little wind and interesting swells left over from the hurricane that just slipped by us ...., unsure of the inshore bite but hopefully today will be busy offshore ....., I'll let you know ...., and we did fill the boat for Saturday's charter

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fishing reports should resume after today as the latest hurricane is slipping on by us well off the coast and Good Lord willing Sensation is scheduled to sail again tomorrow ...., I get these amorous feelings at the notion of the opportunity to climb on her and take her out again ...., the ocean is a wonderful place to be ....., some of the fleet may be sailing today and I'll let you know ...., we already have two but Sensation does have openings for up to four anglers this Saturday and the forecast is outstanding ...., so give me a call and lets GO FISHING !!! ......, those Huge Wahoo, Sailfish and Tuna are just out there waiting for us 😎

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We just had a cancellation for this coming Saturday November 23 and with a GREAT forecast and the big Wahoo are biting Give me a call before someone else does and let's go fishing !!!! 252-725-5375

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

As I write this Hatteras Village is flooding again from the effects of Hurricane Jose ...., thank the Good Lord that there is no wind with it onshore ...., however our friends to the south are once again getting hammered by another Hurricane Maria ...., no reason for us to be upset because we can't get offshore with the wind and swell that we have here ...., we have been blessed this year on the Crystal Coast ....., the little wind that we have here is subsiding and we're going to be back out beginning Thursday at the latest ...., stay tuned for fishing reports soon ...., in the meantime let's each of us do a little something as we can to help someone affected by these devastating storms ...., little things that "keep knockin us sideways" don't compare .

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yesterday we had Shawn Silodeau and company from the Civil Group, a utility contracting company, on board the Sensation for a little friendly fishing competition with another another boat and even with the building Southeast swell and Northeast winds throughout the day, we had an outstanding catch of Nine Wahoo along with a few Blackfin Tuna ..., as the winds and seas mounted the bite got better ...., but we "Had Mercy" on the Wahoo and left the ocean for a 50 mile, head to, slow run back to Beaufort Inlet ..., the entire waterfront fleet had decent to good fishing with an assortment of Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, Triggerfish and Snapper .., check out the photo page for a snapshot of a happy Civil Group ..., blowing today thru Tuesday so won't be much to report for a few days ..., but with a North wind you can still fish along the beach and take advantage of the good Spanish Mackeral bite.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Yesterday Sensation hosted a group of good ole boys who had a good ole time catching Big Ole Wahoos ....., none other than John Boy of the John Boy and Billy Show and his group of good friends had a Big Ole Time on the Sensation ...., decking a 65 pound Wahoo along with a 47 pounder and a few more ....., on Thursday we had an old fashion three boat Spanish Mackeral shoot out on a half day trip with the Reel Country coming out on top ..., see the Sensation's Spanish Mackeral catch on the photo page ...., and John Boy's group with Wahoos will be posted tonight ....., the Spanish Mackeral bite is hot along the beach and the lunker Wahoo bite is good offshore ..., You need to get on down here and get some of this action ...., "Why Don't We?"

Monday, September 11, 2017

While we're all pinned by the wind and weather to the dock and doing boat maintenance ...., the fish are out there on the Continental Shelf Break starving and waiting for us to come catch them ....., it's PRIME fishing time here on the Crystal Coast ....., the prime time of year for the Big Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, and Sailfish to be migrating through ..., Mate Patrick wants to catch a 100 pounder ....., and so do I ....., "If I Told You" that could happen would you think I'm crazy ? ...., sure hope that you are on board the Sensation when that happens this Fall ......, the wind is supposed to be out of here by Wednesday and as of now, we are open on Wed but scheduled to fish Thurs thru Sunday ..., but Sensation as well as the rest of the Waterfront Fleet still has plenty of good days open this Fall ......, give us a call.

Friday, September 08, 2017

As we all know Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc and destruction like a Wrecking Ball to many of our friends throughout the Caribbean and now has her eye on Florida ......, we can just Pray that her impact will start to diminish soon ...., she has already affected the Crystal Coast ....., keeping boats tied to the dock as anglers are concerned about the big Hurricane swell that has been generated out on the Continental Shelf break ...., including Sensation's customers who are rescheduling today's trip until the next week or so ...., the Wahoo are still snapping as they did for Captains Michael Tickle and Thomas Woods on the Dancin Outlaw yesterday and we are excited to get back off there as soon as possible ..., now everyone is in haul out mode ...., we still have plenty of good Wahoo catching days open this Fall and the storms will be gone by mid next week ..., so give us a call and let's go fishing !!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

One thing that you can always count on is Capt Thomas Woods and Mate Michael Tickle on the Dancin Outlaw to show up in every fishing situation ...., whether The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament as a Winner in some category ...., or just fishing with the Fleet on a normal charter day ...., the Dancin Outlaw ALWAYS is consistent and Always shows up ...., on Tuesday Dancin Outlaw was the only boat to sail from the waterfront and they had a Great catch of Citation sized Wahoo ...., Sensation had a good catch yesterday of Wahoo with Tooth Doctor Captain Ben Smith on board along with his son ...., but day before, Sunday, was a Mega Catch with Dr Andy Kiser, Dad, and family ...., check out the Photo page to see almost 500 pounds of Wahoo with many Citation fish caught in a single day ....., Awesome Fishing ..., I've been off the ocean for several days now ...., Capt John Jenkins has been on the bridge and has done a Great job ...., I'm back and hopeful for good weather at the end of this week for some Great fishing ...., been a Record Year for me and Sensation ..., Great Summer of 17 ...., Very Blessed :)))

Monday, September 04, 2017

There was a bit of miscommunication on the fuel dock on Thursday and while I thought the Sensation had been filled by Patrick after I ran an errand he thought it had been filled by me ..., and on Saturday Capt John only ran a short half day and thinking still plenty of fuel for yesterday's offshore trip ...., well after an awesome fishing day Sensation ran out of fuel on the way home ...., Jeepers !!! ...., good news is that we do have friends in the ocean and Capt Mark Chambers of the Reel Country took Sensation under tow and although a late arrival for Andy Kiser and his Dad and crew ..., the extra time just added to the adventure and a Pleasurable cruise home in a Silky Smooth ocean ...., and the fish cleaners were happy to see the boats get in with a haul ...., Sensation and crew sacked up 485 pounds of Wahoo and Tunas including 3 Wahoo over 60 pounds each and a few more over 50 pounds ..., Reel Country also scored big with a boxful of Wahoo and the balance of the fleet did well also ...., after a Labor Day family trip I am ready to get back to the place I love the most Carteret County ...., So many Wonderful Memories made there ...., and many more that can't come too soon ...., so come on down and let's get after it !!! ...., and many thanks for your help Captain Mark :))

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