Fishing Report

Friday, June 14, 2019

It has blown big time for the past couple of days down here on the Crystal Coast but not enough to keep the Annie O at the dock on Wednesday. Capt Brad Sutton and Mate/Captain Nathan Newlin took her off there and caught a Sailfish and a White Marlin to take a substantial lead in the Release Division of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. The Starflight with Captains Joey Johnson and Joey Rivenbark caught a Blue Marlin to take the $47,150 Daily Release prize. Most all of the boats will be fishing today. So far yours truly hasn't been very successful putting Patrick around a Big Blue Marlin ??, High Hopes and Fingers Crossed that might happen today ?, my good crew sure deserves it !! Back to regular fishing reports after the tournament ends on Saturday. Hope that your day is a really good one :))

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sensation is singing the Big Rock Blues after yesterday's epic bite which we missed because the Captain (ME) pointed the boat in the wrong direction yesterday morning and we totally missed the bite. But many friends did really well yesterday. Check out the Big Rock Website or download the App and see the results ?.., Wow what a Day !!!! I'll give you a more comprehensive report on other fishing as soon as I can catch my breath ?., Okay time to go to work !!

Sunday, June 09, 2019

On Friday Sensation was honored to have a group of longtime friends aboard including two brothers who are American Heroes. 1st Lieutenant US Army John Burton who is deploying to Afghanistan next week and his Brother Doug, an Army Captain who just got back. Check out the photo page. Yesterday Kathy Baker was in the fighting chair on the Sensation for an hour 15 min battling a Huge Blue Marlin which she successfully got to the boat for a release in the Keli Wagner Lady Anglers Blue Marlin Tournament, placing Sensation in the top 5 out of 167 Boats. Also check out the photo page to see Chrissy Faulkner's Monster Marlin which she caught and released aboard the Job Site, with Hubby Ben as Mate and Capt Bill Farrior on the Bridge. Congratulations to the White Caps on their win with 2 Blue Marlin releases and the C Escape on finishing second. The Big Rock begins tomorrow ?, Yay !!!

Friday, June 07, 2019

Good Lord willing Patrick and I will be offshore today looking for a pointy nose fish but for sure tomorrow we will be out there with our Keli Wagner Ladies Angler Big Rock crew looking for as many as we can find and hopefully we will find one or two. Looking like a Great forecast so I hope that you have your crew together and we can have some fun enjoying the Captains Meeting and Party tonight and some great fishing tomorrow. See you tonight and give you a fishing report in the morning early !!

Thursday, June 06, 2019

I've been most privileged and honored to visit the sites on the beaches of Normandy where 75 years ago a bunch of 18-21 year old Great Americans fought successfully to turn the tide of World War II. Thousands gave their lives and the water and shoreline was red on June 6, 1944. I was PROUD to see President Donald Trump stand with other world leaders yesterday to Honor the Greatest Generation. Despite his sometimes erratic behavior he is a True American and a Great Leader. He has certainly Made America Great Again!! Take a look at the photo page to see the past few days action. John Morgan sent his good folks down from Virginia for a variety catch of Mahi and Triggers. Then yesterday we had young Joe and Alex from Kansas on the Sensation and they caught a pile of Spanish Mackerel and released over 30 Lizardfish. Fishing is good here on the Crystal Coast and the excitement is building for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament which begins Saturday with the KWLA. Come get in on the fun !!!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

My mate Patrick and I can only hope that our good luck will continue through next week as the Marlins have been liking the right short rigger on the Sensation for the past couple of days. Yesterday Patrick picked off another Blue on the rigger and 16 year old Ben Edwards successfully angled the fish to the boat for a perfect release. Ben's Pal Nathan Cannaday also caught some nice Gaffers. Check out the photo page. We also missed a Sail but the Gaffer Dolphin fishing improved somewhat for the entire fleet with the lead boat being the Goombay with an outstanding catch of Gaffers. Hard to believe that the Big Rock Festivities begin this weekend with the Keli Wagner and the Captain's Party Saturday night. Hope that you're gonna join us for the week !!

Monday, June 03, 2019

The Island Girl with Captain Brandon Peele and Mate Hunter Garner is open this coming Friday which is the day before the Keli Wagner Lady Anglers Big Rock Tournament. And the Marlins are here. Yesterday aboard the Sensation angler Bryan Pendergraft did battle with a really nice Blue Marlin for well over an hour and released his first Blue ever on his first trip to the Gulf Stream. Shortly after releasing that fish Patrick hooked a White Marlin over the teaser and Jonathan Bailey successfully fought and released that beautiful fish. Dancin Outlaw as well as Twin Fin also caught Blue Marlin and there were several more seen. The Gaffer fishing slowed somewhat yesterday but hopefully today will be much better for the meat fishermen. Inshore the Spanish Mackerel are still snapping good. Looking forward to seeing you soon

Friday, May 31, 2019

Best/Beacon Distributing's Tommy and Brian took another group of good customers fishing yesterday on the Sensation and after all of their hard work putting new roofs on houses and buildings in Eastern NC after Florence it was a well deserved trip and chance to have some fun. Pop's, Lucas and Barbara had plenty of fun on the Sensation yesterday with a variety of fish ranging from Tuna, Mahi and Pop's first ever Sailfish. The Marlins are beginning to show up in earnest just in time for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament which kicks off one week from today with the Keli Wagner Lady Angler's Tournament. In addition to Sensation's Sailfish release yesterday, The General had an outstanding catch and the Pelagic released a Blue Marlin, Bill Collector a White and a Sail, and Due South a Sail. Because of the wind not many of the fleet ventured out yesterday and most are tied up today, including us !!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another of the Morehead waterfront fleet scored on a Blue Marlin as Captain Casey led the Twin Fin to a perfect hook up and release. Dancin Outlaw released a Sailfish and had an outstanding catch of Gaffer Dolphin. Sensation's crew also caught a few hundred pounds of Gaffers along with Blackfin Tuna. Looking a touch breezy out there today but Good Lord willing not too rough for the fleet that will be plowing the waters. The Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament is this weekend so hopefully the seas will behave so that those Governor's Cup boats will have good fishing. But the BIG news is that the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament will get underway a week from tomorrow with 9 days full of fun, festivities and great fishing. Looking forward to seeing you down here amongst the crowd.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The excitement level is at an all time high here in Morehead City in anticipation of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament which kicks off Friday a week with the Keli Wagner Lady Anglers Captain's Party and fishing on Saturday with the Big Rock Captain's Party that night. With the introduction of the new Parker Boats Winner Take All Dolphin Category, which will probably be worth over $350,000 to the lucky boat, and new release levels, the Big Rock will again have a record payout to the participants. And of course with the Mission of Charity First, that also means a record payout to our Many Charities :)) Based on the past few days of Marlin and big Gaffer Dolphin catches from the area's charter and private fleet, the boats fishing the Big Rock have plenty to look forward to. Check out the photo page for Sensation's catch from yesterday !!

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