Fishing Report

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

I've been really blessed with really great Mates in the cockpit of the old Rose Brothers Forty Something and now Jarrett Bay Hull #1 the Sensation ., beginning with John Nobles who's now a great Attorney in Beaufort, Young Pete Zook who's now on the Sea Striker, Chris C.R. Russell who is now Captaining the Piracy .., then to Alan, Big Country, Scibal who was with me for 9 years and only late to the boat one time, and that's because the Beaufort Bridge was broken :)) Big Country is now the Captain of the First Look. And now I have another great Mate in Captain Patrick Dufour going into our 3rd year together. Day before yesterday Patrick and his Brother, Captain Jacky Dufour, were running separate boats in a fleet of 60 boats searching for Giant Bluefin Tuna and both brothers decked fish, representing 2 of the 3 fish caught by the entire 60 boat fleet. The Morehead City fishing fleet has some of the finest mates in the World and I'm Proud to say that my mates over the past 20 years are among the very best and have made my life easy and the Sensation a real pleasure to fish on :))

Monday, November 26, 2018

I ran into an inshore guide yesterday afternoon and he told me that the Trout are biting good along the beach and inside the Inlet too and I've seen plenty of boats early in the morning from my upstairs window heading out to capture some. Although the wind has been blowing hard recently yesterday was an exception and there were lots of propellers in the water. After all of the storms brought fresh water from upstate that mucked up the water it's nice to see the water cleaning up and the fishing rebounding. Hopefully before the end of this week some of the fleet will be able to get back offshore to take advantage of the great Wahoo and Sailfish bite. Fingers crossed that we'll see improvements all the way around.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The last decent weather day to fish was Tuesday and we tried our hand on the Sensation at scaring up a Bluefin Tuna but without success. Since Tuesday the wind has blown and kept everyone on shore but that?s okay because we were able to travel to visit friends and limited family for Thanksgiving and we?re sure Blessed to have Great friends. Hope that you and yours are having a Special Thanksgiving. Stand by and I?ll sure report any fishing action that might be happening here on the Crystal Coast.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Yesterday Patrick and I had young Nolan Wilder along with his Dad Justin and several pals and we had an exceptional day with 7 year old Nolan catching his first Wahoo and Sailfish. We had plenty more to add to the mix as you can see from the photo page. Some rain but otherwise beautiful November conditions in the Gulf Stream. Dancin Outlaw, the new charter boat Due South run by Captain Microwave Chambers, Capt Alan, Big Country, Scibal's boat First Look, and Pelagic joined Sensation on the Continental Shelf break and we all enjoyed great Fall fishing. We released two Sailfish as did Due South. Tomorrow we're gonna try our hand at catching a Giant Blue Fin Tuna as there have been a few show up already. And then Thursday we're all gonna have a Special Thanksgiving Day with Family and Friends.

Monday, November 19, 2018

In yesterday's report I said that the Bootlegger was being run by Captain Mark Chambers. Actually that Bootlegger boat is being changed to the Due South very soon but the real Bootlegger boat Captained by Jimmy Kanoy and Dock Tom Brewer will still be here and open for charters. Yesterday we had Racing Legend Jonathan Davenport along with good friends and family on board the Sensation and had a really fun day catching Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, and Sailfish. Check out the photo page. Also the temporary Bootlegger, aka Due South, had a really good catch of Wahoo and the Pelagic from Atlantic Beach filled the box up with Wahoo and caught and released three Sailfish. Great Fall fishing here on the Crystal Coast !!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Captain Mark Chambers has taken over the helm of a new waterfront charter boat, the Bootlegger, and yesterday he made her proud with a nice catch of Wahoo, King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna and sorted other pelagics. Good Lord willing Sensation will be sailing today for the first time in several weeks and we're plenty excited. Unsure who the rest of the fleet will be today but I'll let you know in my report tonight. Next week we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and we've a plenty to be Thankful for. Stand by

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The calendar for Casa de Campo is starting to fill in for the time that Patrick and I will be in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 running the Delta Dawn . The 3rd week of February is spoken for as well as the last 3 weeks of March. If you?re considering coming down to join us catching Blue Marlin along with all sorts of other fish you might want to pin your group down and get on the calendar. If you have any questions don?t hesitate to send me a message and I?ll get right back to you. Good Lord willing we should be back offshore by weeks end. As you know the wind has been relentless but the forecast is looking promising for a nice change. Very promising:)))

Friday, November 09, 2018

Unfortunately the wind has kept the fleet pretty much pinned to the dock and will again today so no fishing report today. Hopefully we will be able to get back out there soon. The wahoo, tuna and Sailfish should continue to bite good on into December. Also Patrick and I are set up for Swordfishing and Big Country has just proven that some bigs ones are out there after decking that 410 pounder last week so let?s get a day on the books soon. Keep in mind the Dominican Republic. Patrick and I will be running the Delta Dawn at Casa de Campo in Feb and March and right now we still have the first 2 weeks and the last week of February open as well as the first week of March. Some of the groups are planning a combo Marlin fishing and Golf week, fish in the morning and golf in the afternoon.. In addition to fantastic fishing there are two World Class golf courses including Teeth of the Dog a Top 10 course. I would love nothing better than for you to join me in the DR. Shoot me a message while there is still availability.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

On Sunday Scott Andrews brought his customers/friends aboard the Sensation for what we thought would be a choppy day offshore in the Gulf Stream, but as it turned out the wind blew hard inshore but only 15 knots or so offshore so we ended up having a very pleasant day. Tons of bait everywhere but the "East is Least" concept held true and we didn't have as many bites as we would have hoped for in the East wind however what we did catch were keepers. We didn't see another fishing vessel of any sort all day long, marked plenty of bait and fish, and when the dust settled our crew had a couple of nice Wahoo, a Sailfish, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna and a few other sorted. Check out the photo page to see Scott's catch and keep in mind that we're doing Swordfish charters over the Winter. Sure hoping to see you again soon !!! Oh and did you watch the whipping that NC State's Wolfpack put on Elizabeth Warren's Tribe on Saturday :))

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Alan, Big Country, Scibal had a GREAT day yesterday aboard the Knot Done Yet when he and his crew hooked, battled for a few hours and decked a 410 pound Valentines Day Swordfish ...., an exceptional catch ..., Patrick and I had the Sensation in the vicinity so we got to hear a play by play on this awesome catch. Check out the website for the photo as well as Keith and Joe along with their Wahoo and Mahi catch from yesterday. We should have left the Wahoos alone and went Swordfishing. Captain Gabe on the Diamond Girl had a 4banger on Sails also and added one more later to fly 5 Sailfish flags to the dock. Capt Ralph on the Fin Print also had a couple of releases too. We stayed at the dock today and unfortunately because of heavy winds looks like we?ll be tied up for a few more days. Sometimes it just doesn?t work out like you hope for. Sensation is rigged up and Patrick and I are ready to take you to offshore to catch a Sword this Winter to have for Christmas Supper ..., Give me a call and let?s get after them

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