Fishing Report

Friday, July 12, 2019

Keith Tasoada fishes all over the world and has caught many exotic species along with many trophies ...., yesterday he continued his quest for excitement by decking his first ever Swordfish aboard the Sensation ...., Conditions were less than perfect but we got lucky and got a nice bite. Check out the photo page. But even better is that the Swordfish is providing some real appetite pleasure ....., Gotta love that :)). Lemme know when you?re ready to get in the game. Looking forward to it !!! No boats sailed today but Good Lord willing we?re gonna be back off there again tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Yesterday the Sensation was solo offshore with Captain Patrick Dufour at the helm and Mate Wes in the cockpit and it was a bit choppy for Zack Tart and his pals but the choppy conditions were well worth it if you take a look at the photo page. Plenty of Wahoo, Gaffers, Black finTuna and a Blue Marlin release made for a Great day !!! The previous two days had the Gibbs boys and Chad Billings crew with good fishing days also. Next month, Good Lord willing Sensation will be traveling up the beach to fish the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament and then The Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament and we do have several days available to catch Marlin, August 12 at Pirates Cove and August 19-20-21 at Virginia Beach. Normally good numbers on the Whites and Sails so give me a call and let?s get after them !!!

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Several years ago during the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament I had the opportunity to visit with Captain Omie Tillet , who for many years, thanks to his Good Friend Captain Randy Ramsey, graced our little town for the entire tournament week opening each day with a classic prayer for the fleet on the Big Rock radio. I told Captain Omie that I fished with him on the Sportsman, one of six iconic sport fishers that he built, back in the 80s. He looked at me and asked in his gentle voice, Did we catch anything?? Captain Omie often spoke of Crossing the Bar ...., and yesterday Captain Omie crossed the Bar one final time into the the Wide Open Arms of Our Savior. Thank you Capt for sharing your all with us ...., a True Fisherman of Men

Friday, July 05, 2019

All sorts of fish being caught down here on the Crystal Coast. Captain Jacky Dufour decked a 550 pound Swordfish a couple of days ago and Sensation has seen and caught multiple Sailfish on her last several offshore excursions. Yours truly is taking a few days off spending some time with the kids so Captain Patrick has been running the ole girl. On the 3rd Greg Birchfield successfully angled not only a Sail but also a 40 pound Gaffer Dolphin. There?s been a big showing of Blackfin Tuna for the fleet and the bottom dwellers have been snapping both in and offshore. Triggerfish were on the dock yesterday and when I was passing under the Atlantic Beach bridge a lucky angler was hoisting up a nice Flounder. Plenty to come catch ...., so come on !!! We?ve got several days open next week including Saturday and Sunday. I?ll be looking for you :))

Monday, July 01, 2019

Yesterday a shy fleet consisting of only four charter boats ventured offshore and we were spread up and down the Continental Shelf Break. Due South was to the Northeast and found a few Mahi but scored nicely on the Yellowfin Tuna. Pelagic, Bill Collector and Sensation were further down the beach and we each had decent catches of Blackfin Tuna, Mahi with several nice Gaffers mixed in and Bill Collector released 3 Sailfish. Patrick and I managed to hang on to 2 out of 3 Sailfish as Brad Moree and Will Basham each caught their first ever. Matt Davis brought his good friends for their annual offshore excursion aboard the Sensation and they had plenty of fun aggravating a couple of fellas who stayed up way too late the night before😎 on Saturday Donald Harness and crew caught 40 Mahi with Captain Patrick at the helm and yesterday The inshore bite continues to be good with Island Girl loading up on Spanish Mackeral. Check out the photo page.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Donald Harness and his boys had a great time yesterday aboard the Sensation catching Bailer Dolphin and one great big Gaffer. When the dust settled the fellas finished angling 40 or so fish and had plenty to take home. the balance of the waterfront fleet had a splattering of Dolphin and plenty of Triggerfish and Snapper. My good friend Captain Brian Harrington took his bride Swordfishing and ended up decking a pair of nice ones which dressed out at 225 and 250 pounds. Check out the photo page. Looking forward to a good day offshore today with Matt Davis and his pals. And really looking forward to a Great 4th of July week and hope that you are too !!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Yesterday Captain Mark Chambers and mate Zack Grantham on the Due South had really good Mahi fishing catching 30 or so from bailer size to Gaffers. And in addition to that had two Blue Marlin sightings of which they were able to hook one but weren?t able to get the fish to the leader before she pulled off. There were a few other Blue ones seen and caught off Morehead also and the Triggerfish were snapping good for the Dancin Outlaw. Here at the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament the Marlin have not been very cooperative but the the atmosphere has been plenty festive with lots of cold beer flowing and plenty of kids and dogs running around everywhere. We had a slow day on Monday but hopefully the Sensation will be proud after Thursday and Friday. Heading back to the Crystal Coast on Friday night and ready to get after it again on Saturday morning.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Although yesterday was not an exceptional catching day we certainly had an exceptional crew on board. John Jones hosted a group of good pals in First Class Fashion on the Sensation and we arrived back at the dock with a dozen fish which are gonna provide plenty of Mahi Tacos. The best part was that John's friend Jack Dentinger has been offshore twice and never caught a fish but yesterday decked a couple. A Most successful day. The rest of the fleet had similar catches except for Capt Freddie Willis of the Carolina Lady. Capt Freddie went Swordfishing and caught a couple with one topping the scales at 160 pounds. We whiffed a Sailfish also and there were several seen along with a few Blue Marlin. Patrick and I are taking the Sensation across the Pamlico Sound this morning to the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament this week. I'll keep you posted on the fishing in Hatteras and down here but I'm sure gonna be missing all that this beautiful place has to offer.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

On Tuesday Captain Ernie on the Gecko had an epic battle with what was estimated to be a 1,000 pound or greater Swordfish that went well into the night but sadly ended at Midnight when the fish broke off. There are certainly some sea monsters out there with fish like that one and the 914 pound Blue Marlin that won the Big Rock for the Top Dog. Seems that after the Big Rock the Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo have reappeared with Captain Mark Chambers of Due South finding a school and landing 8 with a few topping the scales in the 80 pound range. Also a good sign of Wahoo and Mahi returning. In yesterday's report instead of Martin Turley catching the Citation Wahoo it was actually his cousin Dee Blake. Congratulations Dee !!! Sensation still has a few days open in July and many days in Sept/Oct which is prime Wahoo and Sailfish time. Give us or one of the great waterfront Charter fleet a call and let's get after them !!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sensation website has been misbehaving for the past several days and I have not been able to give any reports but hopefully now we are fixed. Beginning Sunday Captain Patrick Dufour put LH Hutchins and son Brad along with good friends Bill and Richard on the Swordfish, catching 3 and releasing another. While that was going on the Dancin Outlaw sacked up another Blue Marlin release and Due South released 2 Sailfish. Then on Monday Martin Turley and crew caught a gag of Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, a Citation Wahoo and released a Sailfish. Yesterday Christian Bigsby with family and friends started off in the deep catching Blackfin Tuna and ended up inshore smoking the Spanish Mackerel and Albacore Tuna. Check out the photo page.

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