Fishing Report

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Ducks Unlimited Band the Billfish Tournament day one was yesterday and unfortunately not much action on the Sensation ??, however there were 16 Sailfish and 1 White Marlin released from the fleet of 28 tournament boats ?., my pal Captain Wade Fickling of the General holds the first day lead with 3 Sailfish releases and Captain Parker Henry of the Looking Back also released 2 Sailfish ?., today is a new day ?.., hopefully I'll be able to put Patrick over some fish and we'll have a few shots ?, based on the forecast for tomorrow today is looking like the day that everyone will fish out .., I'll keep you posted on the action ?., hope that your day today is the Best :))

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Been blowing a gale here on the Crystal Coast for the past few days but falling out today just in time for the Ducks Unlimited Band the Billfish tournament which begins tonight with the Captain's Party and Meeting at the Crystal Coast Civic Center ?., this has always been one of my favorite tournaments and it does support a great outdoor heritage ?, and it's not too late for you to put your team together and come on down for this Governor's Cup sanctioned event ?, lots of good friends coming together for some great fishing ?, Monday was the last day that we fished offshore and although the trolling bite was really really slow we made a day with a boxful of Triggerfish and Snapper ?., check out the photo page to see our yummy catch ?., it's sure gonna taste GOOD :)))

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mates Nathan Newlin and Eli Blake had plenty of fun yesterday as they had multiple shots and catches of Sailfish ...., and Mate Patrick Dufour on the Sensation got in on the fun a little later in the day and sacked up a couple of nice Sails along with several Mahi and a 60 pound Wahoo ...., Dancin Outlaw scored big on the Sailfish and Wahoo along with Capt Thomas Bennett on the Reel Development ...,it?s 5:15am and I?m several miles offshore and heading to the Wahoo grounds ...., listening to some great country music and looking forward to a great week ...., Kenny Chesney is singing a good story ...., I?m really a lucky fella ...., hope your day is a really good one :))

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Just coming off of a fun Boys and Girls Club Tournament, the Billfish Classic, and it was an absolute ball for the kids ...., although we missed a few Sailfish we were able to score on the Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo as young Rand Peate won the Tuna Division with Edie Haywood finishing 9th ...., seven year old Jack Rowe held on to 4th place in the Wahoo division and Jake and Riley scored with Dolphin ..., Fin Planner made a last day charge to win the Billfish Division with Carolina Lady 2nd and Inspiration 3rd ...., we had a last minute two day cancellation so Sensation is open for charter tomorrow and Tuesday ...., and the Wahoos have shown up !!! ......, Come Over and get in on the Fun :)))

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The right longrigger clip snapped and 6 year old Edie Haywood got in the chair and almost mad3 her dream come true ...., but after we got the lines cleared and a 10 minute battle with a Sailfish twice the size of Edie ...., the sorry rascal pulled the hook ...., needless to say we were very disappointed however Edie, Sailor and Rand stayed busy most of the day catching Dolphins and Rand decked a nice Tuna that?s presently at the top of the leaderboard ...., today is the final day of the Boys and Girls Club Billfish Classic and Good Lord willing we?ll get a few Billfish bites ...., Capt Casey Wagner and son Cole of the Inspiration are in first place in the Billfish division ...., yesterday was a fun special day with my daughter Alison and Granddaughter Sailor on board ...., and I listened to Kenny Chesney all day long :)))

Friday, July 13, 2018

If you want some of this great fishing action you need to give Capt Thomas Woods a call and go fishing on the Dancin Outlaw tomorrow ...., she?s open !!! ....., Yesterday was just an exceptional day all the way around :))) beginning with mission accomplished with the NC State CMAST scientists as we successfully caught, tagged and released 30 Mahi ...., and while we were doing that the Inspiration and Reel Country were offshore catching Sailfish and White Marlin .... , Capt Casey Wagner son Cole and Team Inspiration took the early lead in the Boys and Girls Club Billfish Classic with a White Marlin and Sailfish release and Capt Mark Chambers and crew are in 2nd place with a Sailfish release ...., Team Sensation will be competing in the tournament today and I am hopeful to see Marlins jumping behind bent poles for our young team ...., fingers crossed ....., I hope that your day is a good one :)))

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Yep it?s a bit early for hurricanes and thank goodness this one formed offshore and went East ...., but it has kept the fleet pinned to the dock since mid day Saturday ...., looking like tomorrow is shaping up to be a better day ...., and the forecast for the Billfish Challenge, the Boys and Girls Club Tournament,, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday is awesome with light winds and seas ...., so get your crew together and come on down ..., Get in on some great fishing while supporting a great cause ...., this years tournament will be all about raising much needed funding for the areas great clubs ..., I?m stuck on shore again today ...., and it?s gonna be a good one ...., maybe beginning tomorrow I?ll have fishing a report for you :))

Saturday, July 07, 2018

I took a day away from my vacationing family to run the Sensation and spend the day with Mate Patrick?s girlfriend Mary Katherine and her family ..., Dad Jim, Mom Julia and Brother Jim Jr ...., with the goal for Jim Jr to catch Mahi-mahi on a fly rod ..., and at the end of the day we had 40 of the critters stacked up on the dock including a 25 pounder caught by Mom Julia ..., and Jim Jr accomplished another goal by angling a Monster est 80 pound White Marlin ..., while we were trying to clear lines to catch the WM a Blue Marlin popped up behind the right teaser but we couldn?t switch the fish off ..., Reel Country caught 3 Whites and Twin Fin caught a Sailfish ..., check out the photo page ...., I always love it when we catch enough fish and the Captain gets some too :))

Friday, July 06, 2018

Capt John Jenkins has been on the bridge of the Sensation for the past few days while I?ve been spending some time with family and according to he and Patrick there?s been plenty of sargassum grass in the ocean ...., which is great for fishing if it?s line up on a current edge but a nightmare if it?s scattered ...., and apparently it?s been scattered ...., Good Lord willing I?m back on the bridge today and the grass will be lined up :)) .., Sensation along with Reel Country, Dancin Outlaw and the rest of the waterfront fleet has managed nice catches of Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, Triggerfish and a few Sailfish over the past few days ....., hopefully our catch will be so good today that our charter will want to share some with the Capt :))) ...., fingers crossed !!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Yesterday the ocean was alive out in the deep as the Sensation sacked up a tasty Swordfish catch for Andrew Weller, his daughter Lucy, son Max, brother Jim and brother in law Bill ?.., we also had a nice catch of Gaffers for vacation fish Tacos :)) .., we actually pulled off two more Swordfish !!!additionally Captain Brian Harrington of the Extreme Measure boat decked a huge Swordfish that dressed out at over 326 pounds ?.., Captain Thomas Woods and Mate Eli Blake on the Dancin Outlaw continued their Billfish release streak with 2 Sailfish releases and an almost limit of Dolphin ?., my Pal Job Site's Captain Bill Farrior had wife Wendy in the chair yesterday doing battle with a Blue Marlin while Bill's Mom watched ?., unfortunately the Blue got away ?., hard to believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July ?.., wish the Summer would slow down :((

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