Fishing Report

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Yesterday with 20 knots of wind and the residual big swell from the latest hurricane that is far out at sea I decided to keep Sensation between the pilings at the dock .., however a couple of boats did venture off there from the waterfront and were rewarded for their hard work with Wahoo, Blackfin, Mahi and Albacore , looking like the swell has subsided today with light winds so Good Lord willing I will be cranking the old girl up soon and slipping out to the Blue Water ., Don't you just love the Fall , not nearly as much fun as Summer but the cooler air with deep Carolina blue skies make you want to put your jeans and cowboy boots on and head outside. Hopefully I'll have plenty of fun today and a good fishing report for you tonight. Sure hope that your day is a Fun one too :))

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I had a discussion with yesterday's offshore group late Sunday regarding the expected wind and sea conditions ??, everyone felt salty enough to weather the conditions so off we went yesterday at 5:00am ?., I knew that Logan Kenney, who was entertaining Baker Roofing employees and customers, was plenty salty but three of the six had a bit of a struggle most of the day so we actually came in a bit early. Actually the conditions were better than I really expected them to be ?.., but the bad news was that with the Northeast wind and a huge swell from the new storm offshore virtually shut down the bite ?., there were only three boats that sailed from Morehead and all three of us struggled with our catch. Looking like we're gonna be onshore until Friday ?., so give me a call if you get a chance and let's make a fishing plan for the Fall :))

Monday, September 16, 2019

I had three generations on the Sensation yesterday with Dr. Larry Adams bringing his daughter Kate Phelps and her 13 year old son Harrison ?., and the Love between them was really refreshing .., I met Larry and Kate a good while ago when they won the Hatteras Tournament and Kate is quite a Blue Marlin angler however Harrison is darn good himself and he put a whipping on some big Wahoo yesterday ?., check out the photo page. The balance of the waterfront fleet also had good catches of Wahoo, Mahi and Tuna. ?, Looking like some weather is moving in tonight which will keep me onshore tomorrow for the first time in 7 days. I'll get you another report tonight ??, and tomorrow I'll be catching up on some important things on shore ?., stand by

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Yesterday we were the first boat back to the dock right at 4:30pm and it was different to see every slip empty for a change. Beginning last Tuesday at 5:00am and every day since I have climbed the ladder to the bridge of the Sensation and with the exception of one day we've had some outstanding fishing. Yesterday the entire fleet fished. Sensation,Twin Fin, Bluewater, Bill Collector, Dancin Outlaw, Island Girl, Due South and the General all took to the offshore waters and all caught some very nice Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and Mahi. Ronnie Hedrick brought company crew aboard the Sensation and Howard Brown decked a Citation sized 51 pounder and the fish box was full at the end of the day. It?s 5:10am and I?m coming out of the no wake zone, outbound to the blue water, looking at a beautiful Moon and reminiscing ...., I?m a lucky fella

Friday, September 13, 2019

The last couple of days aboard the Sensation have been sensational beginning on Wednesday as my son Eric came up from Savannah and just he and I spent the day fishing with Captain Patrick at the helm and me handling the cockpit. The Wahoo had me jumping around the cockpit like SpiderMan :)) ..., Eric for sure got a good workout angling a bunch of good fish. Really special day :)) ?.., yesterday Selden Taylor brought ole lucky Barnes Boykin on board along with his partner Charles and the Stocks and Taylor crew and we smoked the Wahoo. One time the short bridge pole bowed over and line started peeling off, then the bridge pole, then the planer popped up, then the long rigger came down, and both short riggers ?., when the dust settled we landed 4 nice Wahoo out of 6 bites ?.., at the end of the day the fish box was full and Patrick threw a dozen Wahoo onto the dock along with Mahi .., great fishing here on the Crystal Coast .., you really need to hurry on back down here !!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I?ll get you a complete fishing report tonight but to let you know that the Dancin Outlaw and Island Girl are both open for charter tomorrow September 13 ..., and the Wahoo fishing is excellent so give Captain Thomas or Captain Brandon a call and come go fishing ..., hope your day is a special one :))

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Yesterday was a Great Day all the way around :)) ?.., and the Sensation showed that Fat Ones have showed up with a catch of several 60 pound Monsters for Kirby Church and his crew ?., check out the photo page to see those Dandies ??, not only are the Big Wahoo here there are also Big Blue Marlin in the water as the Bill Collector hooked and fought a Big one yesterday for several hours and still had a nice catch of Wahoo ?., Patrick's brother Captain Jacky Dufour had his fianc? aboard the Merry Marlin on Sunday and successfully decked a Swordfish that tipped the scales at 340 pounds ?, inshore the Drum are here as well as the Spanish Mackerel, Kings and Bluefish ?.., there are many options for fishing here on the Crystal Coast so give us or one of the Waterfront fleet a call and let's get after them ?., sure hope that your day today is a good one :))

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Crystal Coast faired okay from Dorian ...., much better than our friends in Dare County, Hatteras and Ocracoke ...., and certainly the Bahamas ...., I have fond memories of good times with friends in Marsh Harbour and Hope Town ...., prayers that all will mend quickly ...., splashing Sensation this morning from her Jarrett Bay home and back to the waterfront ...., she?s scheduled offshore every day next week so hopefully we?ll have good fishing reports for you beginning Monday ...., stay tuned and really looking forward to seeing you back down here :)) the Wahoo, Tuna and Sailfish bite should fire off soon ..., one matter of precaution would be not to head offshore in the dark as I would expect plenty of debris coming up the coast from the storm ..., Stay safe out there

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Regretfully I chose to stay on shore yesterday which was a poor decision ...?, because the offshore ocean conditions, according to Captain Patrick, were beautiful ?.., with little wind and a long swell from the South caused by Dorian. The Sensation was Solo in the ocean as the balance of the fleet understandably decided to stay in and prepare for the upcoming blow ?., but Sensation"s crew of Captain Rick, Christie, Dan, Scott and Evans were well rewarded as the Wahoo were snapping and Captain Rick had 2 Citations as well as did Christie ?, topping out at 60 pounds. Add a few nice Blackfin Tuna and Mahi and the fish box was full ?.., the Wahoo are here and we are open this Sunday, Sept 8 and would love to take you fishing ...?, also we along with the rest of the waterfront fleet have days open after next week ?, check out the photo page, get online and book a day ?, let's catch these big Wahoo !!

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I was in the Auto Zone parking lot yesterday afternoon watching folks coming from everywhere to get generator supplies ?, I'm hopeful that none of us will need generators this time around with Dorian. Some boats sailed from the waterfront today ahead of the storm including Sensation, which has Captain Patrick Dufour at the helm and Mate Wes in the cockpit. I had plans that kept me onshore today however if I had any sense I would be out to sea on the bridge taking advantage of this last pretty day before the storm. Tomorrow unfortunately I am going to need to haul Sensation out at her Jarrett Bay home yard. Hopefully we'll be one of the last boats hauled and first splashed. Stand by this evening and I should have a good fishing report for you. Obviously with the weather not much has happened since Friday. I'm scheduled to fish every day next week beginning Sunday so between Sensation and the rest of the fleet we should be able to round them up. We all still have days available in Sept/Oct so give us a call.

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