Fishing Report

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I took Sensation over to Jarrett Bay yesterday (check out the photo page) .., first for annual engine maintenance and then haul out for bottom paint, thru hull inspection and running gear maintenance ..., she was happy to be on the water again even for just the short jaunt up the Intracoastal Waterway .., but she'll be much happier, as will you and I, when the sun is shining from blue skies, it's 80 degrees, and we're looking back waiting to see that Dorsal fin pop up behind the left short rigger :)) ...., Spring is gonna be here before you know it and Sensation's booking calendar is beginning to fill so you need to get your calendar out and let's get a day on the books ...., man that warm sun's gonna feel good on that brown skin

Friday, January 12, 2018

On Christmas Eve a buddy of mine told me that there are only 26 Saturdays left until the 4th of July .., translated as "Summer's gonna be here before you know it, sunny warm and silky smooth" :))) .., and Sensation's booking calendar is beginning to fill in .., plenty of days still open in March and April but May and June are already getting busy .., We are still open for the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament July 5-7, a GREAT Marlin tournament and relatively inexpensive ..., get a few of your pals together and let's fish that one .., in the meantime, right now is a good time to catch Swordfish and Patrick and I are raring to go so let's pick a pretty day and get after them ., and while we're out there we can drop down for some Grouper ..., look at the photo page and check out Patrick's catch from Monday of this week

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I have Great Expectations and Hopes that 2018 will even come close to the Great year of 2017 ...., a very special year ...., make next year a Great year for yourself, your friends and family by spending a day with Patrick and I aboard the Sensation on the warm waters of the Gulf Stream ...., catching the bounty that the Good Lord has provided for us ....., May is already getting booked up and the other months will follow soon with the New Year approaching ...., give me a call or go online and get your day on the books ..., Patrick and I have rigged the Sensation for any kind of fishing that you might want to do ...., from catching a Blue Marlin to catching a Swordfish or Gaffer Mahi to Big Wahoo ..., or catching Snowy Grouper to Triggerfish ...., we also have a few Marlin Tournaments open for booking ..., Hatteras Grand Slam and Swansboro Memorial Day ...., many thanks to you for a Great 2017 ...., I had some really Special folks onboard ..., and I really want you back onboard again :)))

Monday, December 25, 2017

It's so nice to see the direction of our Great Country .., getting off the path of the New World Order that we were on ......, and seeing Merry CHRISTmas being proudly shown by a close friend and .., led by our President ...., The year of 2017 was a Great Christmas Present for Captain Dale Britt, Mate Patrick Dufour and the Sensation ....., we had a Wonderful year with Wonderful Folks on board catching lots of fish of all varieties ranging from Triggerfish to Swordfish ...., and we had a Successful Tournament Season from Morehead City's Fabulous Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament all the way to the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament ...,

Monday, December 18, 2017

Although the Sensation was tied to the dock and did not get in on the action yesterday was a busy day on the ocean ..., first my mate Patrick and brother Jacky whacked the Grouper and other bottom fish on a day long commercial trip ..., then my friend and customer Chuck Umstead took his outboard a few miles offshore and loaded up on Mackeral ..., and finally the Dancin Outlaw with McSherry Wells on board scored big on the Swordfish with a couple of Dandies ...., check out the photo page for yesterday's action .., getting offshore and fishing is just one thing that I am really missing right now :(( ...., not being able to do what I really love .., but hopefully soon :)) .., let's break out the new year with a trip to the warm water so get with me and let's plan a day !!!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

I'm not originally from Morehead City and when I have a new charter on the Sensation someone will always ask me if I was born here ...., my standard answer is that I was not born here but I got here as quick as I could ...., The Good Lord blessed me with the opportunity to live here and do what I love ..., like my Good Friend Randy Ramsey says, "When I figured out that I could get paid to go fishing, I knew that was for me" .., and I live in a Fishing Paradise ...., everything from Spots and Croakers on the Oceana Pier, to Trout and Drum in the Surf, to Spanish, Kings, Flounders, Sea Bass, and Albacore Tuna , to Giant Bluefin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, White Marlin, Swordfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin, Mahi Mahi, all varieties of Grouper, Triggerfish and Snapper ..., you choose what you want to catch and we'll try to make it happen ..., Patrick and I are looking forward to the rest of 2017 and 2018 .., so holler at me or shoot me a message and let's get you, your friends, and family on the Sensation soon !!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Captains Mark (Microwave) Chambers and Jacky Dufour proved on Friday that there are still Giant Bluefin Tuna close to shore as they ventured out a short distance with their charter on the Reel Country and hooked and caught a 95 inch Bluefin with their first baits in the water ..., in addition to the Bluefin they also caught Blackfin Tuna, which is very random that close to shore along with Albacores ...., on a Festive note, we still have some warm and cozy Sensation Hoodies left for your Christmas ..., I posted a photo of one on the photo page so check it out ..., gonna haul Sensation this week for Winter maintenance and get her ready for 2018 ..., sure sad to see 2017 come to a close ..., was a Special year

Friday, December 08, 2017

It's that time of year here on the Crystal Coast ...., the offshore fishing has slowed down and with this bad spell of weather that has set in we haven't been able to get out the inlet to even bottom fish and the American Red 3 day window opens today thru Sunday but can't get to them ..., maybe since we can't fish NMFS will open it back up later ...., but if you want to catch a GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA we don't have to go very far and Sensation is offering short day trips for $1,000 for the opportunity for you and your pals to catch one of those Sea Monsters ..., Love to see you down here ...., the atmosphere and mood here right now is like Don Henley's lyrics in Boys of Summer ...., let's brighten it up !!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Although yours truly has not sailed since last Tuesday, my mate Patrick Dufour has been commercial fishing on his outboard for Giant Bluefin Tuna and he has sure caught several Giants .., beginning with a 700 pounder last Friday, then a 500 pounder on Sunday followed by a 250 pounder yesterday ..., quite a fisherman Patrick is ...., check out the photo page for pics of a Giant or two ..., we live in Fisherman's Paradise ., everything from Swordfish, Giant Bluefin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, Triggerfish, Grouper, Drum, Trout, Flounder .., the list goes on and there's not a better Christmas present that you could give someone you love or your buddies than a fishing trip on the Sensation ..., and you can buy them a Sensation Hoodie ..., Make someone you Love Happy :))) .., check out the photo page to see our Hoodies and call me to purchase one or an offshore fishing trip ...., let's go fishing !!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

You need to check out the photo page this morning and see what you're missing ..., Captain Thomas Wood and Mate Michael Tickle on the Dancin Outlaw scored big yesterday ....., after a 3 hour battle they finally decked a 400 pound Swordfish and it is quite a feat ....., a version of a Dream Catch I would call it and we all love to have our own Dream Catch :)) ..., as you know we've caught several of those magnificent fish but we're still looking for a Sea Monster like Thomas and Michael caught ...., and we'd love to have you on board the Sensation when we do ..., plenty of days open and Tis the Season to catch Sea Monsters ..., standing by for your call.

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