Fishing Report

Monday, June 18, 2018

The most exciting Big Rock Saturday finish that I can ever recall ...., way too much to put in this report so go to the Big Rock website for all of the details ...., WOW !!!! ...., and how great it was to has so many fantastic fishing teams descend on our thankful little town ...., we live in Paradise ....., but you already know that :))) so now we?re back to charter fishing and yesterday the bailer Mahi began showing up ...., good catches for a few boats but not so much others ...., it?s gonna be a Great Week !!!! ....., and I?ll keep you posted up ....,

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hot hot Marlin bite yesterday for the Big Rock Blue Marlin participants .., we counted over 60 boats in a knot in a couple of hundred fathoms and there were plenty of fish there .., all together there were 31 Blue Marlin released and one boated along with 11 White Marlin and several Sailfish ..., Patrick hooked a really nice Blue Marlin on the long rigger which pulled off a bunch of string .., Boat owner Mike Rowe got in the fighting chair and we commenced to do battle ...., but it wasn't meant to be ...., apparently the hook set was not deep and after maybe a 10 minute fight the fish pulled off ..., but we still have one more day to score :)) ..., dock mate Dancin Outlaw, Twin Fin, Shifting Gears, Coverage, Wall Hanger, General, each had good releases and sacked up points ..., taking a lay day today ...., check out the Big Rock App

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My crew for the Big Rock fished together for the first time in last years tournament and we trolled for 4 solid days without seeing or catching a Blue Marlin ...., started the same way this year until yesterday when a nice Blue piled on the right teaser ..., I snatched it away ....., and Patrick pitched a bait to the Marlin in classic style .., I was happy for patient crew member Bob Heilig to finally see a Blue Marlin jumping behind the Sensation ..., you saw the results from yesterday but my Friends Capt Chuck Lindner, Keith Henry and Rob Warren took first place with a 518 ..., and Capt Alan Willis and the Shenendoah took the lead in the release division with 2 Blues and a White .., yesterday I said that today would be a "Lay Day" ...., but the Fabulous Fisherman's Winner Take All Category is still wide open and we gotta go today ..,

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Not much to report from yesterday's action and I'm running late for the boat this morning ...., but look at the Big Rock website for the tournament results ......, I'm planning to take a "lay day" tomorrow so I should be able to catch you up ...., stand by

Sunday, June 10, 2018

This has been an eventful week for the Sensation .., Kevin Hommes and his crew had a nice catch of Gaffers on Wed .., then the 24 hour frenzied repairs on the old girl ..., then back out on Fri with Herb Towery's good friends for another Mahi day topped off with a White Marlin ..., then the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament yesterday with our Fun group of girls with Cecilia Pfaff sacking up her personal Grand Slam with a release of a White Marlin ...., the KWLA is the 2nd largest Marlin Tournament in NC behind only the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament ..., yesterday 161 boats participated with the Hit N Run finishing in first place and taking a purse of over $65,000 ..., the Big Money Winner was a 32' Yellowfin, "Enough", with a Gaffer Dolphin that was more than "Enough" weighing in at 52.7 pounds and capturing over $70,000 in winnings .., hope that you're gonna be around for all of the excitement this week :)))

Friday, June 08, 2018

You've all heard it but it is true that B.O.A.T. ...., stands for Break Out Another Thousand ..., been busy for the past couple of days getting repaired just in time for today's charter and the Big Rock so no fishing report for you ..., sometimes things happen quickly on a boat and it does cost a nickel or two for the fix ...., so there are Marlins in the water and several have been seen and caught .., Inspiration has seen three Blue Ones in the past couple of days and she'll be out there tomorrow with hopes of sacking up another victory in the Keli Wagner Tournament ...., yesterday the Reel Country had a nice catch of Gaffers ..., if you haven't visited the Waterfront and the Big Rock Store you need to get on in there ...., lot's of BR Swag for you and yours ....., and it will look good on you :))) ..., hoping to see you this weekend ..., lot's of festivities.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Captain Mark Chambers with Captain Alan Willis in the cockpit caught a Big Rock Dream Mahi yesterday when their angler sacked up a 56 Pound Gaffer Dolphin ..., a Whopper ..., our crew led by Martin Turley also had a great day with a mixed bag catch of Gaffers, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack ..., and one of Martin's favorite to catch since he's a diver ..., several Barracuda including one huge one that Martin is having mounted along with a Gaffer that his nephew caught ..., there are still a few boats available for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament which kicks off on Saturday with the Keli Wagner Lady Anglers Tournament .., get your crew together and come join the festivities ..., gonna be a FUN week .....,

Monday, June 04, 2018

The Pig Rig is a Hot boat this Spring and coming into the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament which begins this coming weekend, Captain Tommy Herring, son Will and their team have just finished 1st in the Swansboro Memorial Day Tournament and 2nd in the Cape Fear Marlin Tournament ..., catching 5 Blue Marlin in only 4 days of fishing ...., that's HOT ...., Sea Striker held on and captured the Cape Fear title as well as holding the lead of the NC Governor's Cup Series ..., yesterday their were Marlins in the water with Marlin Fever releasing one out of two and many more fish seen by other boats .., and they are coming just in time for the BIG SHOW .., you need to get your crew and come fish next week .., the BEST week of the year on the Crystal Coast .., check out the Big Rock website for boat availability ., and this is also gonna be a great week :))

Saturday, June 02, 2018

After the Swansboro Blue Water Tournament, Captain Adrian Holler of the Sea Striker and his team held on to first place in the NC Governor's Cup Series ..., but after Sea Striker's two Blue Marlin releases and current lead in the Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament they vaulted up the leader board and now have a huge lead in the Governor's Cup ....., hopefully you saw the picture on Sensation's photo page of Dancin Outlaw's Blue Marlin ..., while doing battle with that sea monster, Sea Striker slipped into the area and hooked a double header Blue Marlin ..., and Captain Wade Fickling of the General moved into that same area and hooked up too ...., releasing another Blue Marlin ....., other local fellas did good yesterday too in the Cape Fear with the Huntress and Pig Rig releasing Blue Marlin .., Sensation had Braddog Gibson and his Great Friends on board for a 3/4 day with a goal of catching enough for Fish Tacos ..., and they scored :)) Looking forward to seeing you soon here in Paradise on the Crystal Coast !!

Friday, June 01, 2018

Yesterday a tough angler fishing with Captain Thomas Woods and Mate Eli Blake on the Dancin Outlaw sat his the fighting chair for over 3 hours doing battle with a Feisty 500+ Pound Blue Marlin ..., check out the photo page to see the fish with Eli on the wire ..., that's the fish that all of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Participants would like to see on the first day of the tournament ..., the festivities for the Big Rock begin in only one week and the Morehead Waterfront is buzzing with excitement ...., Sensation had a crew with many local fellas led by Community Leader Pat Joyce ...., Pat brought his good friends and entertained them in style ...., and when the dust settled there was plenty of good eats .., in fact Pat and the fellas took some to Southern Salt and Sammy's crew grilled up Blackened Mahi fresh from the ocean ...., just doesn't get much better than yesterday

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