Fishing Report

Saturday, October 21, 2017

If you want to see a happy little girl check out the photo page ...., yesterday we had a Great Family on the Sensation for a short fishing trip to the East side of the Shoals ..., Bradley Gibson and wife Edie brought their 8 year old daughter Porter for her first offshore fishing trip ..., she wanted to catch a fish and boy did she ever ..., along with my Good Friend and Bradley's dad Clark we ended up with a limit of Gag Grouper ...., A Special Family Day :)) ...., the offshore fleet scored big again on the nicer class of Wahoo and several Sailfish were caught and Blue Marlin seen ...., all that I can tell you is that "You Should Be Here" and I'm hopeful that you will be soon ...., Give me a call or shoot me a message and let's get you in on the action ....,

Friday, October 20, 2017

As you know it's that time of year when the Sea Monsters are migrating thru and that's been proven with the Huge Wahoo that have been caught recently ...., several in the 70-80 pound range ...., but yesterday the Bill Collector got lucky and stumbled across a really BIG WAHOO ..., a 97 Pounder ....., Diamond Girl also caught several nice ones along with Mahi Mahi ..., Sensation is doing an East side of the Shoals trip today and Good Lord willing we're gonna make a sweet little 8 year old very happy catching some trolling fish and hopefully some Grouper too ....., Looking out my upstairs window at the Atlantic Beach lights glistening off of the Sound and checking the Buoy reports offshore ....., that Beautiful North Atlantic should be ...., as I really like it ......, "Smooth" today ...., very Blessed :)))

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yesterday Sensation was the only boat that made it to the Continental Shelf Break ......, we only saw a couple of ships all day long ....., my group who are great customers of Van Snow and Best Distributing told me that they had to go yesterday and I told them that it was going to be Rough Rough Rough ......, and it WAS ...., "those waves wouldn't go away ..., they kept knocking me Sideways" ...., but Van's customers were all tough as knots and faired great in the rough seas ....., and at the end of the day, as you will see on the photo page, we scraped up a decent catch of fish ...., winds are falling out today and it's looking to be a great next several days ......, we've got an excited little girl fishing tomorrow ...., we're excited too !!! ....., will keep you posted

Monday, October 16, 2017

Yesterday proved to be another Awesome fishing day aboard the Sensation as Taylor Ainsley, his Dad, two brothers in law, and two fellow co-workers at Ainsley Construction filled the fish box up with Citation sized Wahoo ..., and Taylor captured his own 47 pounder .., check out the photo page to see these Lunkers ...., the rest of the fleet including the Dancin Outlaw and Reel Country also whacked the Wahoo along with plenty of other species ...., Dancin Outlaw took an hour and scooped up Triggerfish and Snapper, then went back to trolling and caught Blackfin Tuna, Mahi and Wahoo ....., Reel Country, in addition to Big Wahoo, also hung a couple of Sailfish flags from her rigger ...., we have several fishing days open for the rest of the month ...., check out the Booking Calendar ...., on shore for a couple of days to get some boat work done ..., guess I'd better Scoot out of here and get busy :)))

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hopefully next year we can double the amount given to Charity but thanks to the 24 boats that fished the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge yesterday, we were able to give $1,200 much needed dollars to the Hope Mission, which feeds and clothes those less fortunate in our Community ..., and plenty of fun and fellowship was had while doing it ....., Carterican decked a 73 pound Wahoo to capture first place, while Captain Parker Henry nailed a 71 pounder for second, and Maggie finished third with a 62 pounder ..., Sensation's crew led by Scott Beane caught a half dozen, with 4 Citation sizes between 40-50 pounds each, along with Scott's first Sailfish ..., check out the photo page ..., looking out my window at the Sound right now at Silky Smooth waters reflecting the Atlantic Beach lights ..., Beautiful view from my upstairs room ......., gonna be a Beautiful day :)))

Friday, October 13, 2017

Bill Kennon and his great group of friends came aboard the Sensation yesterday and took home a Winter's stock of Wahoo ...., they caught several Dandy's including a 70.10 pounder ...., I'll follow up with a better report with photos this evening ..., in the meantime the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge is tomorrow and there are going to be some BIG fish caught and weighed ....., and the DIAMOND GIRL had a cancellation so Captain Gabe and Mate Carson are open for the tournament ....., give Captain Gabe a call and come fishing with us ......, Awesome fishing here on the Crystal Coast ...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Brownbag Wahoo Challenge is scheduled for this coming Saturday and according to the National Weather Service we should have beautiful weather with less than 10 knots of wind ....., and we're all excited for such a nice forecast for a change ..., the Wahoo snapped again for the small fleet that fished yesterday along with the Dolphin ...., even with several Gaffer sized Dolphin which is sort of unusual this time of year ..., the Dancin Outlaw was back to the dock with a box full ....., we do have Sunday open for Charter so give me a call ....., really excited about fishing today ...., I'm gonna climb up onto the bridge ....., crank her up ...., put on my Favorite Playlist ....., head out into the Great North Atlantic ...., wait for first light ...., and watch that Beautiful Sunrise out to the East :))))

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This time of year at the Crystal Coast the fishing is as fun as it gets both inshore and offshore ...., the big Spanish Mackerel as well as King Mackerel and Albacore Tuna are being caught along the beach ....., but offshore the Huge Wahoo have migrated into our waters and there have been some Lunkers caught ..., check out the photo page to see what young Lilian Bigsby and Cole Bell caught on Sunday while Dad Christian Bigsby caught a Citation 60 pounder ..., the Piracy caught three Wahoo in the 70 - 80 pound range also ...., and this is all in time for the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge coming up this Saturday ...., yesterday the action continued as we had the Raleigh Salt Water Fishing Club on the Sensation and although the seas were brutal ...., JEEPERS !!!!! ...., we finished the day with 8 well earned Wahoo ..., we're open this Sunday and next Tuesday and Thursday ...., give me a call

Sunday, October 08, 2017

The big Wahoo are here just in time for next Saturday's Wahoo Challenge as proven by Chris Cooke and crew yesterday aboard the Sensation ..., as they decked several BIG Wahoo including a 50 pounder and a 47 pounder ...., I'll post photos from yesterday this evening but in the meantime you can check out the photo page for the previous few days action ....., Capt Woo Woo Harper always said that when Hell comes it will come from the Southeast and yesterday's Southeast wind and swell were harsh on the entire fleet ...., we were luckier than most of the fleet with our catch but everyone including Dancin Outlaw, Bill Collector, Island Girl, Reel Country and Diamond Girl each scraped up catches including Wahoo, Mahdi, Tuna and Sailfish ...., but speaking of rough seas ...., I long for Silky Smooth conditions as I had earlier this week .....,

Friday, October 06, 2017

As expected this time of year we were met with some happy to see us fish yesterday as we finally got back offshore ...., Reel Country, Sensation, and Bill Collector sailed from the waterfront ...., we each had good catches of Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi with a few Gaffers thrown in ...., we had a crack or two at Sailfish but whiffed them ..., but all in all Steve Brinkley and the boys from NT Safety Company had a fun day .., day before we fished along the beach with a couple of Oregon girls, Karen and daughter Ivey, catching Spanish Mackerel ..., that inshore bite along with Albacore and King Mackerel has also been good ..., check out the photo page for the past couple days action .., Good Lord willing we'll have another great day offshore today ..., the fun begins when Patrick hands my three bridge poles up to me and I lower the outriggers ...., hard to describe how much fun ..., you need to come try it ...., as George Stait would say ....., "Run" !!!

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