Fishing Report

Friday, November 15, 2019

Not much going on in the offshore fishing world here on the Crystal Coast because of the wind and frigid temperatures. However it looks like it may settle down by early week and hopefully I'll have a report for you. In the meantime let's plan for next Spring ??., as of this morning Sensation only has 11 days still available in May and June is filling up also but still plenty available in April so get in front of your calendar and let's get a day or two on the books ?.., stay warm and dry !!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Patrick and I had the pleasure of having a couple of true outdoorsmen on the Sensation for the past couple of days. Bill Webb came down from Virginia along with his wife Paula and his great friend Rich, whom Bill calls Doc. Both Bill and Rich have fished extensively throughout the world and the sole purpose of the trip to Morehead was for Bill to capture his final remaining Billfish class by IGFA standards, which means hooking and successfully bringing the fish to leader without any assistance. Bill's final challenge is a Swordfish, which lives 1,500 feet deep on the bottom of the ocean. Sensation has had good success catching Swordfish so Bill chartered us for two days to complete his "bucket list". We fished Sunday and Monday and when the bell rang yesterday, Bill had successfully angled 4 very large Sharks, each taking over an hour of steady, hard work cranking the sea monsters up from 1,500 feet. I am sad to report that we did not have a Swordfish bite ??, however Patrick and I did have the pleasure of seeing a World Class Angler at work ?.., we're hopeful that next trip with Bill will be successful. Otherwise yesterday the fleet had decent Wahoo, Sailfish and King Mackerel catches along with very successful Trigger and Grouper fishing. We have days open so please give me a holler !!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Patrick and I took Paul Rudershausen and crew from NC State's CMAST offshore yesterday and we tagged dozens and dozens of Black Sea Bass along with American Red Snapper. While the fishing was good on the bottom the fishing offshore for the past couple of days for the very few boats who have ventured out there has been pretty darn good with the General and Bill Collector catching Wahoo, Sailfish and King Mackerel. Here we are in November and the fishing continues to be good. We'll be running offshore trips into December so get on down here ?., The Wahoo will be happy to see you ?., and so will I ?.., have a great day wherever you are !!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Most all of the fleet has been between the pilings for a good while now waiting for this Northeast wind to subside some, while many of our buddies are on the West Coast of Mexico at Cabo and up at Mag Bay releasing dozens of Marlin each day. The Big Oh and Reel Development have been setting new release records over there. We're gonna try to venture out today with NC State's CMAST to tag some Sea Bass but we will not be too far offshore of the Cape Lookout Shoals. Maybe some of the fleet will get further out there and I can give you a good offshore report. But in the meantime the Trout and Drum are snapping inshore so as usual the Crystal Coast has some fishing action for you to enjoy regardless of the wind. Hope to see you back down here soon !!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

On Monday I had my sweet sissy Anne on board with two of her great friends Debbie and Julie and they had an awesome day, each catching their first Sailfish along with a big Wahoo, 26 pound Gaffer Dolphin and King Mackerels. Anne looked after me when I was a small boy and she's always been my Fav :))) ........, Due South also sacked up 5 Sailfish releases before the end of the day along with plenty of meat. Although it's almost November there's still plenty going on out on the Continental Shelf Break and inshore. The King Mackerel fishing has really heated up along with Spanish and Albacore. Time to try your luck with your fly rod and an Albie. Halloween is tomorrow night ?.., you gonna get Tricked ??, or Treated ??

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The past few days of fishing has seen some of the best Wahoo and Sailfish catches in a good while. Too windy for Travis Jessup and his crew to get offshore on Wednesday so we stayed inshore and caught King Mackerel. But beginning Wednesday Sensation and the rest of the Waterfront fleet got out there and loaded up on the Wahoo. Due South also caught 5 Sailfish on Friday and Diamond Girl caught 4 yesterday. The Baker Roofing group caught good on Thursday, Floyd Edwards and Tommy Lee?s boys caught plenty for supper both Friday and Saturday and Tommy added another Citation to his Sailfish catching wall.. Today?s too windy to get out there but hopefully back out tomorrow. Sorry but my website has been misbehaving so I can?t post pictures right now. We do have some days available week after next so jingle me or another of the fleet and let?s get after them. Heels beat Dook yesterday ..., Uh oh :))

Thursday, October 24, 2019

"Rocket Mom" Judy Stachel brought her 88 Year old Dad Bob, her two brothers, husband, and daughter Lexie aboard the Sensation on Tuesday, three generations of a really fun family. We stayed busy all day long catching Wahoo, Gaffer Dolphin and Lexie angled her first ever Sailfish. I'll post pictures a little later when we get the Photo Page fixed. It's been misbehaving. Yesterday Travis Jessup from Sanders-Costa stayed inshore with a two boat party including Dancin Outlaw. The King Mackerel bit pretty good but Dancin Outlaw also decked a 35 Pound Blackfin Tuna just a few miles off the sea buoy. Plenty of variety here on the Crystal Coast just as you've come to know. There's always another species/variety to catch.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

On Friday Jimmy Edwards and his boys waited patiently until lunchtime to see a Wahoo explode behind the Sensation but it was not to be. So Patrick and I regrouped and for the next couple of hours the fellas had a steady bent pole with a tasty assortment of bottom dwellers. What a difference a day makes as yesterday with Scott Beane and his crew fishing the Wahoo Challenge we had plenty of Wahoo action. Three Citations including a 90.50 pound Monster Wahoo which was angled by Kyle McDowell and won the Sensation first place. Congratulations also to the Pig Rig and Not Done Yet for an even tie for second and third with 58.40 pounders. But the big winner is the great group of folks from Carteret Warriors for Recovery, who have helped over 700 families in our community get back on their feet after Hurricane's Florence and Dorian. The Wahoo Challenge will be donating $3,450 to their good work. Check out the Photo Page ........, Sure hope that you can get down here and catch a big Wahoo before the season ends !!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What once was the Calcutta Wahoo Challenge which successfully raised $ to help fund the beginnings of the Crystal Coast Hospice House evolved into the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge and is simply a Fun one day tournament that has supported other charities including Hope Mission and this year Carteret Warriors for Recovery ...., already helping over 600 families get their feet back on the ground after the last two hurricanes, particularly Florence. Get your crew together and come to Jacks Bar for registration and a short Captains meeting between 6-8 this Friday. Great fun with your fishing friends on Saturday and a Brown Bag cash payout 50/30/20 . Simple $500 basic entry with $300 optional winner take all entry. The Wahoo are here ...., Dancin Outlaw caught a Whopper today and Due South as well as Bill Collector also sacked up some nice ones ...., it?s time to have some Fun ...., come on !!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Wahoo have been missing the entire fleet for almost a week because of constant heavy winds and heavy seas but they had a welcome visitor yesterday when the Sensation showed up on the Continental Shelf break with Captain Patrick Dufour at the helm. At the end of the fishing day Christian Bigsby and his pals had a fish box full of Wahoo including a 75 and a 60 pounder. The Brownbag Wahoo Challenge is coming up next Saturday October 19th and this year the Charity will be the Carteret Warriors which is a group of really GOOD folks who have been helping many get their lives back right side up after the devastation from the past two Hurricanes. Gonna be a fun day next Saturday so get your crew together and come fish the Challenge. You been missing the Wahoo, the Blue water or the Salt Air ??

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