Fishing Report

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The wind has been really frisky down here on the Crystal Coast since Saturday ....., but Roy our weatherman says that as today goes on the winds will subside and tomorrow is a promising fishing day ..., I do know that we have plenty of Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, Sails, and Marlin out there waiting on us ..., and the Duck's Unlimited Band the Billfish Marlin Tournament begins this Friday and Roy says that we are going to have a decent forecast for it so get your crew together and come on down ...., also to let you know that Sensation will be at Virginia Beach and has available fishing days on August 21st and 22nd ....., White Marlin fishing is normally great at that time of year so give me a call and let's catch some

Friday, July 21, 2017

On Wednesday we had a group of local pals from AB and Swansboro and although the trolling bite wasn't the best, Joe, John, Anne, Tanya, and Gina had a ball catching Triggerfish and Snapper with a few Blackfin Tuna thrown in ..., and they have sent me some pics of fabulous recipes they have cooked ...., I'll share one on the photo page .., then yesterday we had Hillman Duncan along with his sons and friends and the trolling bite picked up considerably with Mahi and Wahoo ...., nice to see the Wahoo are beginning to show up early just as they did last years ..., there were also a few Sailfish caught yesterday by the Reel Country, Bill Collector and the Energizer ...., good fishing ...,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yesterday Sensation had the privilege of having Angels N Camo on board with their passionate leader Lisa Adams and the recipient of their service, young Sierra ....., Sierra caught her first Wahoo ever in her first trip offshore ...., we were humbled and honored to host Sierra and Lisa .., will try to post photos later today ...., Google Angels N Camo and see what it's all about and hopefully you can help ......, yesterday saw some better action for the fleet with plenty of Triggerfish, Wahoo, and several Sailfish caught along with a spattering of Dolphin ..., the inshore bite has been awesome on huge Spanish Mackeral some in excess of 10 pounds ..., and King Mackeral ..., give us a call and let's go fishing !!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Check out the photo page later today for a shot of Edie Haywood and her Gaffer Dolphin from the Boys and Girls Club Tournament fishing yesterday ..., the Dolphin is almost as big as she is and you'll see a photo with a proud Pop Bubba ....., Young Jack and Rand also got in on the action yesterday with Dolphin catches ..., the tournament virtually ended yesterday with a big finish for the Fin Planner as Captain Mark Fortier topped off his Friday catch with a White Marlin and Blue Marlin release ..., and Captain Cameron Guthrie on the Marlin Fever added to his totals with a couple of White Marlin releases ...., with another day of fishing today for a very few boats ....., Sensation did not score on any billfish yesterday but a total of 21 were caught out of the 50 boat fleet ..., little blowy today so we're at the dock ...., Sensation is OPEN FOR CHARTER next Friday, July 21

Friday, July 14, 2017

Third year was a charm as Mike Rowe's young nephew Jake has been fishing the Coastal Carolina Boys and Girls Club Tournament for three straight years and yesterday he successfully angled his first ever Sailfish which put on quite the show around the Sensation ..., a very successful day for the tournament with a 53 boat field the leader is my dock mate the Island Girl captained by Eli Blake with two White Marlin and a Sailfish release ......, followed by dock mate Captain Mark Chambers on the Reel Country ....., a total of 21 Blues, Whites, and Sails were released yesterday and plenty of Blackfin Tuna, Mahi, and Wahoo were brought to the scales ....., day two is today and Good Lord willing Sensation will have a sensational day

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

With a small fleet to catch them the Marlin showed themselves yesterday and just in time for the Barta Boys and Girls Club which begins on Thursday of this week ....., while Sensation had a slow 3/4 day of fishing, the balance of the small fleet, including the Diamond Girl, Bill Collector, Reel Country and Dancin Outlaw ventured further offshore and Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish flags were flying on the waterfront yesterday afternoon ...., also good catches of Dolphin and Blackfin Tuna hit the dock ..., Sensation is open and available for charter on Saturday so give me a call and let's get in on the action .,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The storms kept everyone laid to the dock for the most part yesterday but the day before the Blackfin Tuna were snapping for Sensation's crew led by Mitchell Ledford and his pals from Georgia ..., several Mahi along with a few dozen Blackfin filled the coolers up for the boys ..., we're hopeful to get off there today and be able to dodge the summer squalls and Good Lord willing I will have you a better report this afternoon ..., the Mahi, Tuna, Billfish, and Wahoo action has been really good here on the Crystal Coast and we are open on Saturday ...., so put a crew together , give me a call and come on down.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Yesterday was another exceptional day on the Sensation as we had Paul Ruderhausen and his CMAST crew on board for another great day of tagging Mahi ...., when the dust settled we had tagged 41 Mahi ..., jumped off 2 Sailfish, had additional by-catch of 4 Blackfin Tuna, Albacore, and 3 Wahoo ...., one of which was caught by CMAST intern Chloe and weighed in at 46 pounds ....., a Citation !! ......, our trip the Hatteras Grand Slam was blown out so we are tied to the dock for a couple of days ...., the balance of the fleet yesterday including the Reel Country, Bill Collector, and Dancin Outlaw also had good catches of Mahi with the Dancin Outlaw also scoring on a Sailfish ..., we do have July 13-21-24-25-26 open for charter so give me a call and let's go fishing

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Sensation just had a one spot cancellation for the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament beginning this Thursday, July 6 thru Saturday July 8th and it's going to be plenty of fun .., the cost should not exceed $1,500 all in .., so please contact me asap if you want to fish with a great crew ..., In the meantime here on the Crystal Coast ..., Sensation had a tagging crew from CMAST on the rig yesterday along with a very generous group of donors to the Dream Maker Project ...., and we had a great day tagging 45 Mahi, and catching Blackfin Tuna along with a Sailfish release ..., we had the only billfish release on the waterfront, however the balance of the fleet including the Reel Country, Bill Collector, Dancin Outlaw, Energizer, and the Hunter had good catches of Blackfin and Mahi

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Made it back from the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament yesterday and although we didn't score on the Billfish, Sensation owner Mike Rowe had his hands full as he spent one hour and twenty minutes on TLD 20 pound stand up gear and successfully angled a 68.8 pound Yellowfin Tuna which captured first place honors :) ......, my pals on the Honey Hush came home with first place in the Billfish categories and Annie C, Molly Whopper and Inspiration had great showings with multiple Marlin releases ..., unfortunately the wind is to great today and Sensation had to turn around at Cape Lookout ..., but the fishing here on the Crystal Coast has been good with lots of Sailfish, Mahi, Blackfin ...., and great bottom fishing .., check out the photo page to see Mike's impressive Tuna !!

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