Fishing Report

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What once was the Calcutta Wahoo Challenge which successfully raised $ to help fund the beginnings of the Crystal Coast Hospice House evolved into the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge and is simply a Fun one day tournament that has supported other charities including Hope Mission and this year Carteret Warriors for Recovery ...., already helping over 600 families get their feet back on the ground after the last two hurricanes, particularly Florence. Get your crew together and come to Jacks Bar for registration and a short Captains meeting between 6-8 this Friday. Great fun with your fishing friends on Saturday and a Brown Bag cash payout 50/30/20 . Simple $500 basic entry with $300 optional winner take all entry. The Wahoo are here ...., Dancin Outlaw caught a Whopper today and Due South as well as Bill Collector also sacked up some nice ones ...., it?s time to have some Fun ...., come on !!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Wahoo have been missing the entire fleet for almost a week because of constant heavy winds and heavy seas but they had a welcome visitor yesterday when the Sensation showed up on the Continental Shelf break with Captain Patrick Dufour at the helm. At the end of the fishing day Christian Bigsby and his pals had a fish box full of Wahoo including a 75 and a 60 pounder. The Brownbag Wahoo Challenge is coming up next Saturday October 19th and this year the Charity will be the Carteret Warriors which is a group of really GOOD folks who have been helping many get their lives back right side up after the devastation from the past two Hurricanes. Gonna be a fun day next Saturday so get your crew together and come fish the Challenge. You been missing the Wahoo, the Blue water or the Salt Air ??

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

A Northern blow for the most part has moved into the Crystal Coast for the past few days and looks to continue for the next few :(( so needless to say I have no recent fishing report . Hopefully soon. But in the meantime my Pals Captain Thomas Bennett along with Mate Cole Wagner are living the dream on the Reel Development, fishing in Cabo San Lucas and catching upwards of 60 plus Billfish everyday. Also Gray Ingram and his Big Oh team caught a remarkable 82 fish a couple of days ago. Hope they scare some over to our pond:)) Keep in mind if you?re heading this way with your crew to fish and need a cozy place to stay check out 110 Cedar Rd, Pine Knoll Shores on VRBO ...., you?re gonna love that spot :))

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Just when we thought the Gaffers were gone they came back again. Captain Thomas Woods and Captain/Mate Eli Blake had a great day offshore yesterday on the Dancin Outlaw. The bite had really slowed down for some reason but it sure picked back up yesterday as they caught four nice Wahoo and SIX Gaffer Dolphin. We had David Baker along with his two sons and friends on the Sensation for a 3/4 day and spent our time trolling and bottom fishing on the east side of the shoals. We did manage to catch one really nice King Mackerel and an Albacore trolling so then we dropped to the bottom to try for Gag Grouper. Unfortunately we caught American Red Snapper, which is out of season, and Gags that were too small to keep. But they did have a nice catch of Sea Bass, etc., for the iron skillet last night :)) , If you and your crew have a trip planned down this Fall and need a really nice place to stay, you might want to go on VRBO and check out 110 Cedar Road, Pine Knoll Shores. Plenty of room, well furnished, cozy and affordable. Winds blowing today and looking like tomorrow too .., so we'll be tied up between the pilings. Seafood Festival is in town so I reckon that's gonna be a later afternoon event. Plenty of traffic in town but it's close enough to ride my bike :))

Friday, October 04, 2019

The Due South ended the waterfront drought yesterday with a great catch of 7 Wahoo, several Tuna and a couple of Sailfish. Sensation had a three quarter day as we do today and finished with a few King Mackerel, Barracuda and half of a nice Wahoo. Halfway to the boat a big Barracuda decided to have our Wahoo for lunch and bit the back half of the fish off but fortunately it was a big one and the Ryan wedding party had plenty for fish tacos last night. The Seafood Festival has moved in and the Waterfront is gonna be bustling for the next couple of days. Unfortunately the wind is predicted to be bustling too which will prolly keep the fleet tied to the dock for Saturday at least however Sunday is not looking too good either. Hopefully after todays 3/4 I'll have a good report for you. Have a Really Great Day Today !!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Been some strange conditions offshore for the past several days , and it has been feast or famine for much of the fleet , one day we go out there and there's plenty of bait and the Wahoo/Sailfish are happy and snapping but then the next day the bait has disappeared and bites are really hard to come by ., so I'm telling you not to take it personal if you've had some lousy trolling days because it happens to us all , if you check out the photo page you can see Sensation's great catch from last Saturday and Sunday , then we take Todd Stevens and his High School classmates off there on Monday and we catch only one ., that's right , only one 40 pound Wahoo all day long in rough seas , but there were still plenty of laughs coming from the cockpit and these great friends had a really fun day ..., looking for plenty of action next trip .., gonna take my "wrecking ball" with me :))

Monday, September 30, 2019

I don't have the time this morning to get you a comprehensive report on all of the fleet but just to tell you that the Sailfish are migrating thru and the Wahoo bite has been very good for the most part. You can check out the photo page for Sensation's past two days and stand by for a complete report this evening. The fish are waiting for you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you :))

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The waterfront fleet has been hanging laundry for the past few days as the Sailfish have really shown up out on the shelf break. Due South caught four on Thursday and sacked up more yesterday. My Good Friend Tommy Glasgow fished with Sensation Mate Patrick yesterday on Tommy's Carolina Girl and they got into the Sailfish pretty good but fishing with all wire they weren't particularly successful but they sure were on the Wahoo, putting a half dozen in the fish box. I'm looking forward to getting back out there beginning today for a few straight. Looking out my window toward across the Sound toward AB right now the lights are reflecting off of water that is as smooth as silk. Looking forward to a beautiful day. Hope that yours is too. Stand by for an up to date report tonight

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I've been stuck on shore for my third day now while the Wahoo bite has been off the charts. All of the fleet that sailed offshore yesterday were greeted with hungry Wahoo along with Blackfin Tuna, Mahi, Mackerel and such. Good Lord willing we'll be back out there tomorrow or Saturday at the latest and I'm ready to get after something fun !! If you're looking for close by fishing the Trout up in the estuaries have been snapping good also with bigger 4 pounders and up showing up in good numbers. Along the beach the Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish have been bending poles too. Sensation is taking bookings for Fall Swordfish Trips so check out the calendar for availability. Dancin Outlaw decked a 175 pounder just a few days ago. They're out there waiting for us. Hope that your day is a good one.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Yesterday the entire waterfront fleet consisting of the Dancin Outlaw, Bill Collector, Twin Fin, Due South, General and Sensation had really good catches of Wahoo, Mahi, King Mackerel and Blackfin Tuna. The waterfront was alive when I got to the dock early yesterday morning, as it should be on a beautiful Fall day. We had Tara Hudgens and her crew on board and she wanted to catch a nice Wahoo. As fate would have it every time it was Tara's turn in the rotation, she caught a Barracuda but just before lines in it was Tara's turn again and Patrick spotted a floating tree limb in the distance so when I circled it the Bridge Pole bowed over as well as the left long rigger and Tara got her Wahoo. Check out the photo page to see yesterday's results and a beautiful pre sun rise pic. You need to come get in on this action. No charters until Sat so I'm onshore .., hoping to hear from you ..,

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