Fishing Report

Monday, April 23, 2018

Capt Thomas Woods had a short but successful stint (one day :))) as Capt of the Bluewater while the Dancin Outlaw was having a repair completed ...., and now she?s running better than ever and Dancin Outlaw enjoyed a great fishing day yesterday with Wahoos and Tunas ..., most all of the fleet had good catches yesterday and Reel Country released a Sailfish and strung Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna across the dock at the end of the day ...., Sensation struggled a bit with yours truly at the helm but By the time we pull lines in Andrew Weller, his son Mac and his two Camp Seagull and UNCW pals had sacked up a couple of Nice Wahoo, a Blackfin Tuna and a big Barracuda ...., then Andrew delivered some fish to Floyd?s 1921 Restaurant which they prepared especially for the crews Supper ...., it?s sure a pleasure to have good folks on the Sensation ...., Reelin for Research is only four days away with hard working, fun loving fishermen coming to town and raising remarkable amounts of money for Children?s Cancer Research ...., sure hope you can muster your crew and be a part of this special weekend

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Crystal Coast and the Morehead City fishery has caught Yellowfin Fever over the past few weeks as the Yellowfin Tuna have started showing just as they did many years ago .., yesterday the entire fleet consisting of the Energizer, Top Shelf, Bill Collector, Twin Fin, Sensation, Reel Country and Bluewater had catches of Yellowfin ..., check out the photo page for Bubba and Sharon Haywood, Tim White and crew aboard the Sensation and yesterday's results .., Captain Thomas Woods had an engine issue on the Outlaw but was running the Bluewater and sacked up a Monster Wahoo along with several Yellowfin ..., and Captain Mark Chambers of the Reel Country had a fish box of Yellowfin slam full to the top ..., remember Reelin For Research is gonna be here soon ..., hope that your weekend has been a good one :)))

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Ides of March are confused this year ...., they're here in April instead of March ....., it has been blowing incessantly for days but relief is in sight and the Yellowfin Tuna are out there just waiting on us to come get them.., the wind is forecast to begin laying down tomorrow and as our local weather forecaster (Roy) says ..., we should have light North winds offshore on Saturday and Sunday and I am counting on Roy to be right !! The 10th Annual Reelin for Research Tournament is scheduled in only a week, Sat April 28 and will bring a bunch of really good people to town to work hard, play hard, fish hard, and raise a pile of money for Children's Cancer Research ..., the Children's Promise ...., if you haven't already and you have a private boat, put it on your calendar and come to the Crystal Coast for truly one of the best weekends of the year .., plenty of great fellowship, food and fishing ..., come join us and I'll see you at the Captain's Party/Meeting at Jacks on Friday evening April 27

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yesterday we had the honor of having a long time friend Rod Eller with his Dad, Son, and future Son in Law aboard the Sensation .., and we had an outstanding day catching Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo and even a lunker King Mackeral .., the wind picked up as the day went on so we were back at the dock by 4:00 and Rod took some fish to Red Fish Grille for Kostas and his team to prepare some delicious dishes for the Eller Clan's supper last night ...., Captain Cameron Guthrie ran the Yellowfin yesterday and caught a boxful of Wahoo, Yellowfin, Blackfin and topped it with a Sailfish release ...., good catches of Tuna also for the Peggy, Bill Collector and Twin Fin .., you really do need to get on down here and get some of this action :))))))

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Good Lord willing we will be fishing in the Blue Water today and I'll have you a Sensation fishing report .., as well as the balance of the fleet ...., right many boats were icing up on the waterfront yesterday so hopefully we'll all see good action ..., the past few days has seen a good bite up and down the beach .., the Energizer and Carterican caught Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna and some really nice Wahoo on Thursday .., I'm unsure of yesterday's catch but will report yesterday and today in tonight's report ...., it's so nice to see Sunshine, Warm Air, and Springtime really get here ..., now it's time to see you back down here on the Crystal Coast ...., give me a call and let's go fishing !!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One of the best parts of my job as a Charter Boat Captain is having the opportunity to meet new friends and to spend Wonderful Days with them on God's creation , the Great North Atlantic ...., I've met some of the Finest people in my life fishing and many of you come back year after year ...., my Friend Bill Kennon is one of those Fine People ...., Bill fished last on October 12 with good friends and family and he had a fantastic day catching Sailfish and Monster Wahoo ...., then Bill booked Sensation in December for his annual trip in May to catch Gaffers ....., again to be surrounded by his good friends and family ..., Sadly I report that Saturday morning, April 7 Bill lost a long battle and has gone to fish with our Creator for Eternity ...., Life is so Fragile ....., I'm sure gonna miss my fishing days with you Bill ......, Rest in Peace My Friend :((

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Friday we had Kinston's own Jami Ervin and his fine crew on the Sensation for a fun and eventful day ...., we stayed busy about all day long catching a variety of pelagics ranging from Barracuda to Huge Albacore Tuna but thankfully with plenty of nicer class Blackfin Tuna, Amberjack, and a Mahi mixed in between ....., we did have a big salt water washdown pump spring a major leak in the engine room right at the end of the day and it was all hands on deck to stop the water flow and de-water the bilge ..., Jami's crew did an outstanding job helping Patrick get the job done .., and then to top off the day as soon as we got to Beaufort Inlet we were hailed by the Coast Guard for an on board inspection which lasted 30 minutes but we passed with flying colors ...., got some days open this month ..., give me a call and let's go fishing ..., hope to see you down here sooner than later:))

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Keela and Todd Hyatt brought their daughter Brea and her good friend Lauren onto the Sensation for their first offshore adventure yesterday ....., and although the trolling bite was not busy all day long there was plenty of excitement with the quality fish that we caught .., at the end of the day we had sacked up a Crystal Coast Slam ...., Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi, the first of 2018 ..., Keela had her hands full with a nice Wahoo and Yellowfin catch and Brea had some sort of Sea Monster pulling string that looked like it was going to spool the Penn 70 ..., well into the Braid backing before the fish pulled off ...., Dancin Outlaw was the only other boat to sail from the waterfront and also scored a local Slam :)) .., check out the photo page ..., and give us or one of our great waterfront charter boat neighbors a call and let's go fishing .., plenty of days open over the next two weeks.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Yesterday we had Ed Spivey on board with his son and a couple of his good friends celebrating High School graduation ....., a Great group I might add .., Ed drove his camper down for the week to celebrate Spring Break and wanted fish to eat this week ., and they were blessed with plenty of Wahoo and Tuna for the grill ...., check out the photo page ..., also in the Blue Water yesterday was the Marilyn B captained by Sensation's former mate, Alan "Big Country" Scibal who put his crew on some nice Wahoo ..., Capt Mike Guthrie on the Peggy scored on the Yellowfin Tuna and Dancin Outlaw whacked some really nice Triggers .., sure wish you were here to head offshore with us again today .., we're gonna be looking for some of those nice Yellowfin .., I'll keep you posted ...., still got some days open .., looking forward to seeing you :))

Friday, March 30, 2018

No fishing reports since Wednesdays, March 28, which is sure worth reading ...., however today's message is that Sensation is open on Sunday and the fish are here ....., and the wind forecast for Sunday is outstanding which means nice seas ...., but most importantly on our last trip out we caught Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Blackfin Tuna ...., so if you want to have fun with your family and friends and catch fresh fish for an Easter cookout give me a call and let's go fishing ....., the Crystal Coast sure misses you :)))

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