Fishing Report

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Plenty to be Thankful for as Thanksgiving is tomorrow ...., yesterday we had a deluxe family on the Sensation and Mark Flynn, a high school sophomore, has been studying techniques and dreaming of catching a Swordfish ..., Mark's dream came true as he angled his first ever Swordfish .., and then went on to Gaff his Sister Caroline's Swordfish ..., our second of the day ....., Mate Patrick also taught Mark how to rig the baits and set the deep water lines ..., a Proud Dad Mike had a superb day with his three children, which also included Chris ..., but we didn't hook the third Swordfish for Chris to angle ..., down the dock the only other boat that left the waterfront yesterday, Bill Collector also flew two Sailfish flags from her riggers .., now to settle in and spend quality time with family and special friends over the Thanksgiving Holidays .., wishing we had more time ....., Yep .., Plenty to be Thankful For :)))

Monday, November 20, 2017

Saturday's fishing on the Sensation was outstanding with Jimmy Smith and his crew having a Citation sort of day with two Sailfish releases along with a few Wahoo including another Citation and topped it all off with a good jag of Blackfin Tuna ....., check out the photo page ......, tomorrow Good Lord willing we will have Mike Flynn and his family on board in search of a Sea Monster or two, aka, Swordfish ...., so hopefully the sea conditions will be just right and we'll be able to get out to the really deep water and get a few bites ..., then Thanksgiving will be here and the opportunity to see the Best of Friends ...., then back on the rip by Saturday ...., Jeepers it's gonna be a Great Week :))) ..., the fish are snapping and we have days open next week ....., give me a call and let's get after them

Friday, November 17, 2017

The wind is gusting again today here on the Crystal Coast but not yesterday and not supposed to tomorrow ...., and the Dancin Outlaw slipped offshore and whacked them ...., when the dust settled Captain Thomas and Mate Michael had a box full of a variety of different species ..., Captain Thomas reported a limit of Triggerfish, four Wahoo, and a good jag of Blackfin Tuna and Mahi- Mahi ...., Great fishing on November 15 ....., Saturday's forecast at least for the first part of the day is looking good too ....., hopefully the fleet will be able to get a good catch before the next wind spell sets in ...., And we're all hopeful that Thanksgiving week will give us sunny skies and calm winds ...., too windy offshore today so I'm sitting in a duck blind this morning with a couple of good pals ...., and next week I'm hopeful to spend special time with family and good friends ...., wish I had more with some ....., but still tons to be Thankful for :))

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

With Thanksgiving nearly here we are getting excited about the opportunity to go catch Swordfish and we've been booking some trips ......, if the weather and wind will just cooperate we might have a chance ......, it's been a while since any silky smooth conditions here on the Crystal Coast but hopefully soon ...., really unstable for the past bit of time ....., but always at this time of year improvement is just around the corner .., Thanksgiving is always a reminder of what I have to be thankful for ....., and I have plenty ...., the Good Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to do what I love and also with dear friends, old and new ..., can't wait to ice the boat, fill the bait box, get the poles out, crank the engines, and get underway out into the Great North Atlantic ..., give me a call and come join Patrick and I for a Fun day out on the Rip ......, Plenty to be Thankful for :))

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tis the season for a variety of fishing techniques as we have the best fishery on the planet right here at our fingertips ....., the Continental Shelf Break borders our coastline 30-40 miles offshore while the Warm Gulf Stream waters meander back and forth along the Shelf Break ...., and you never know what might show up in the bait spread behind the boat ..., we have caught Mahi and Blue Marlin on New Years Day in the past ...., but for sure the bottom dwellers are there most all of the time ..., as I mentioned earlier, Sensation's mate Patrick caught a 200 pound Swordfish along with a 100 Big Eye Tuna just a few days ago .., both on the bottom ...., Sensation is rigged up with the finest tackle for this fishery and we're ready to go when you are ....., " It's yours if you want it !!! " ........, plenty of days available so give me a call .....,

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Unfortunately not much fishing going on for the past few days so not much to report ...., I did get a message from Captain Thomas Woods of the Dancin Outlaw and Captain Mark Chambers of the Reel Country that the bottom fishing has been outstanding ......, and speaking of bottom fish my mate Patrick fished with his brother Jackie day before yesterday and they did really good catching Grouper ....., but more importantly they left the Grouper, went deeper, and caught a really nice Swordfish as well as a Bigeye Tuna ...., Sensation has outstanding tackle to catch Swordfish and it's the perfect time of year to fish deeper :))) ..., let's give it a try .

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Yes thank the Good Lord for tasty Triggerfish and Snapper ..., yesterday the trolling bite, as for the past several days, was very slow particularly on the meat fish ...., but the Billfish showed up behind the Reel Country, captained by Mark Chambers and with brother, Big Wave Dave in the cockpit ..., early in the day they scored one out of two Sailfish, followed by a Blue Marlin release, and then another Sailfish ...., Bill Collector flew a couple of Sailfish flags ...., and Sensation had only a few trolling bites but John Smale and crew had a blast catching Triggers and Snapper ..., I love that Sensation boat and escaping far out to sea to fish ..., yesterday traveling offshore in the dark , I was able to look at a Beautiful full Moon and all of the creative faces offered in her ...., although my phone camera couldn't capture the faces, I did get a pic of her beauty just before dawn .., take a look at the photo page for that shot and yesterday's yummy catch .., plenty of days open and I want to get back out there .., give me a call and let's spend some time on that Great North Atlantic and bend some fishing poles :)))

Thursday, November 02, 2017

The fishing for the fleet has kind of sputtered a bit for the past couple of days however here on the Crystal Coast there are plenty of ways to improvise and get a good catch ..., even if it's not your target species ...., yesterday Floar Plan, Blue Water, and Reel Country went to the Blue Water yesterday in search of more of the Wazillas ...., Floar Plan didn't have much of a trolling bite so decided to drop to the bottom and ended up with a nice catch of Triggerfish, etc., ...., Blue Water didn't score on the Wahoo but did have a good catch of Blackfin Tuna, Mahi and flew a Sailfish flag ...., a couple of boats did find the right spot and catch a few Wahoo ...., the Reel Country caught one but then scored huge on the bottom critters ....., good news about our fishing is that the Gulf Stream washes in new bait and fish every day ....., so I'll bet that today will be deluxe and tomorrow even better :)))

Monday, October 30, 2017

Until the wind started blowing again the weekend proved to be another exceptional time to catch the Huge Wahoo as proven by Captain Thomas Woods of the Dancin Outlaw on Saturday and by Captain Microwave of the Reel County on Friday ...., both boats had plenty of Citation sized Wahoo and Reel Country also passed out several Citations for Sailfish catches both days .., Great fishing here on the Crystal Coast with not just Wahoo and Sails but also Blackfin Tuna, Mahi, and an array of tasty bottom fish including Snapper, Grouper, and Triggers .., unfortunately Sensation had a stroke of bad luck which kept us out of the action, with a cancelled charter on Friday, a failed Generator on Saturday, and heavy winds yesterday ....., however we're all fixed up now and with plenty of open days ....., Gonna be a Great week ....., give me a call and lets get in on the action

Friday, October 27, 2017

After four days of heavy wind and no fishing ......, It's finally a beautiful and calm Fall day here on the Crystal Coast and our Offshore trip for today cancelled on us :((( ..., but many of the fleet have gone fishing so I'll have a report for you tonight and Good Lord willing Sensation will sail tomorrow ....., How about that Snotty nosed actress Heather Lind accusing 90 something year old President George H W Bush of sexual harassment ...., President Bush grew up at a time when men were men and women were women ..., and a pat on the rump was more of a sign of innocent affection ..., Jeepers the poor man is in a wheelchair and couldn't exactly put his hand on her shoulder .., He was shot down in World War II and barely survived ...., risked his life so that Snotty Nosed Snowflakes like Heather Lind could make Millions doing "Naaathin" for Our Great Country ..., Stand by for a Fishing Report

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